Ignorant and fat Syrian asylum-seekers

Oh, will the saints protect us from Liam Stack’s jeremiads concerning those overfed Syrian asylum-seekers near or beyond the northern border?  That they come from some of Syria’s most ignorant towns with the most virulent form of bigotry in the country cannot be doubted.   Anyone who has been to Jisr Al-Shughour, as I have on many occasions, can vouch for my depiction of this cow merd sitting at the northern end of the Wadi Al-Ghaab (SAR’s Bekaa Valley) as a center of dissatisfaction with everything.  Turkey’s average Wechsler IQ has now gone down  10 points by admitting this detritus into formerly Syrian Hatay. If they fear coming back or will not come back unless Dr. Assad has been removed, they have some sobering facts to deal with in their miserably dessicated brains. 

Turkey will not let them stay for much longer.  Turkey has no desire to have 11,000 whining nincompoops occupying their formerly profitable border with the SAR.  They don’t want refugees anyway.  They will be sent back, by force, if necessary.  You all know how kind and gentle the Turkish government can be.

Dr. Assad has invited them to come back desp;ite the idiotic ravings of Liam Stack and Anthony Shadid of the NYT.  I think Stack is Irish because his name is “Liam” and he has the imagination of a besotted Irishman.  He regularly makes up stories to satisfy his daily assignment.  But his lying in no way can match that of the Levantine Anthony Shadid.  Shadid looks like a typical, well-fed eastern-Mediterranean type, beard, DNA and all.  He sports political positions typical of individuals who have never had one original thought in their entire lives.  He thinks he is accepted by the Lebanese intelligentsia because he stands with the people, no matter that they are bigotted or irrational.  When those Syrian Sunni villagers in the north find out he’s a Christian, he might change his mind about how noble and empathy-worthy this noisome rabble really is.

Syrian army deserters are being caught and tried.  Theirs is a black destiny.  I wish I could attend the firing squads.  Actually, it would be better if they were hanged in public. There are only an handful of these miscreants anyway.  The big wish for a major schism in the army never happened because even the Sunni officers and conscripts know that the scum who people the demonstrations are a minority bent on destroying the Syrian economy.  Most Sunnis are clever enough to know that money does not accompany disorder or unrest.  That’s why Aleppo and Damascus have been quiet.  Homs’ few moments can be explained by the people drinking the water of the Assi River.  That’s why they are “majdoobeen” historically. Hama’s population should be given the Scipio Africanus treatment.

Which brings to mind, the February 1982 siege of the Kaylaniyya and Al-Hadhir quarters of the city of Hama by elements of the Syrian militry.  Unlike the liars who write about it in the media here and abroad, I was there, in Syria, when the attack took place.  I was also in Hama in November of 1983 and saw the incredibly rapid reconstruction of those two quarters.  First of all, it is lie that 10,000 or more people died in the fighting.  This could not be because the army, under command of both Rifaat Al-Assad and Ali Haidar, had given warning to the inhabitants about evacuating the two old quarters.  The Sunni fanatics holed up in the target areas tried to prevent evacuation thinking that a civilian population would forestall use of artillery.  They failed to stop the evacuation except in a few instances when they shot taxi drivers who had a brisk business during those 12 days before the onslaught.  It was glorious.  Watching the souls of the trash fanatics descend into the nether regions was inspiring. The vicious fanatics killed so many innocent people in Syria during those years of insurrection.  They targetted anyone who was Alawi or linked to the government of General Assad. And now they think they are back. If Dr. Assad makes any deal with them,  he is foolish.
Ziad Abu-Fadel