June 30, 2011, Dearborn, Michigan
It is with great honor that I announce the creation of our blogsite’s new annual award for international hypocrisy.  It is called the Syrian Perspective’s INTERNATIONAL HYPOCRITE OF THE YEAR AWARD FOR 2011.  After having declared orally our intention to so bestow such a trophy on some exceptional hypocrite, calls started to come in nominating LUIS MORENO OCAMPO.  Other nominees were Lady Catherine Ashton of the European Union and several American politicians.  I look forward to your contining contributions to this worthy effort. 
Judge Ocampo, as you all know, is an Argentinian legal scholar who made his bones indicting brown and black politicians from the Third World  If they are white, which is rare, they are usually from the Balkan countries, formerly Ottoman possessions.  It is commonly believed by my sources, who like all those of the NYT and the BBC, asked not to be identified because they are not authorized to discuss Mr. Ocampo, that he normally lies in his bed in a vegetative (or zombie-like) state until some page or herald appears with a memorandum from Washington condemning this leader or that.  He springs to life almost immediately once he knows white people in the northern hemisphere want a darkie politician arrested.  The last case involved that Bad Boy of Benghazi, one Colonel Muammar Qaddafi, of Libya.  Judge Ocampo wants his associates and confederates to arrest him on sight and deliver him to the Kangaroo Court of the Hague.  When asked by this author last week in Buenos Aires why the oft-threatened indictment for Dr. Bashar al-Assad has not come down, Judge Ocampo winked at me and said with a smile:
“He has blue eyes and his wife is a U.K. citizen”.  I swear that’s what he said just before he tuned out and fell asleep. I left his hotel room with a queasy feeling.  Ziad Abu Fadel, Esq.