Ambassador Ford Goes to Hama to Promote Violence

July 8, 2011: The U.S. Ambassador to the U.S. has gone to Hama in order to foment more violence in the country.  There can be no doubt that his actions are irresponsible and clearly not in line with professional diplomatic conduct. However, that’s how the U.S. operates.  Besides being a known dunderhead, Mr. Ford has now sunk to the level of a terrorist provocateur.  Instead of helping Syrians to get their economy back in order, he thinks that by going to Hama he will be some kind of ingnition for additional sedition.  He will fail because even the thick-skulled Hamawis, in their Islamist incarnation, will probably reject him as some kind of officious intermeddler.  He brings shame and humiliation to American foreign policy.  He should be stripped of diplomatic immunity and his underwear; then tarred and feathered; put on a jack-ass backward and driven out of Dodge.  How embarrassing! And just when you thought the Bushies were out of office.

I was delighted to hear that inept dissident “human rights” organizations, with no real access to information, have now declared that three (3) people were killed in Friday’s unrest.  That is a lie. Only one person was killed because he threw rocks at security personnel after he was told to stop. He wanted martyrdom and was granted that status generously.  He is now among a whole bevy of martyrs, floating aimlessly in oblivion. My sources tell me that the merchants of Hama are becoming increasingly impatient with the shiftless, goldbrick fake-islamist youth of Hama.  You might start seeing merchants hiring killers to get rid of the noisome scum soiling the streets of the city, a la Brazil.  Oh where is Muhammad Harba when you need him? 

These “human rights” organizations such as “Insan” and “The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” are fronts for British MI6 operations in the Near East. The British government, thoroughly without scruples, is coordinating action in Syria with its big sister, the CIA, or order to coerce Dr. Assad into a political suicide. You see, the Brits,the Yanks and the Euros want the uxor-anglophile Dr. Assad to change course and settle on a treasonous and self-destructive path by disconnecting from Iran, Hizbollah and Hamas.  This cannot happen.  The reasons are well known.

First of all: the Brits must stop thinking of themselves as important.  They are uniformly despised  in the Levant and are blamed universally for every merd of pestilence that has been scattered around the region for the last 100 years.  They are responsible for the creation of that Zionist Abomination; that cancerous growth whose malevolent contact with the true, indigenous people of the area has brought disease and untold human suffering.

Secondly; the exploitation of people like Rami Abdel-Rahman of the Syrian Observatory is pathetic.  Not only is Mr. Abdel-Rahman incompetent in English as proven by his translation of the Arabic word “MarSad” as “observatory” (it sounds like some cosmological surveillance of alien rights on Mars),  he is also beholden to the Brits for his status in the U.K. He receives his so-called information from fantasy figures invented by his handlers in order to embarrass the Syrian government.  The made-up nature of his information, its dissemination to hard-up journatlists like Anthony Shadid and Liam Stack, all point to a program of disinformation designed to poison Syria’s image in the world. 

Thirdly; it is only through alliances with committed anti-colonialist, anti-zionist forces that Syria can regain its lost territories after inflicting defeat on the virulent enemy we all know as “the Zionist Abomination”.  In 2006, Hizbullah inflicted that defeat on the zionist invaders.  So shall Syria shock the world the next time when the
so-called “Israelis” walk into the macrocosmic theatre of war being prepared for them by generals Ali Habib and Dawood Rajiha.  A big left hook is awaiting.  You shall see it. ZAF