Call Sedition What it Really Is: Treason

July 25, 2011- Just back from our summer dacha in northern Michigan, I spent Sunday getting “up” on the news. I am still amazed at how ignorant the western news media are; how their correspondents miss every unsubtle hint at the real basis for the unrest in Syria.  There is an elephant in the salon staring right at them, but they cannot see its bloated form. They want to see the Degas painting, hanging behind it,  instead, a kneeling ballet dancer, svelte and lithe. The idiocy must stop. 

The bland, unsophisticated demonstrators in some of Syria’s big cities are no different from the village slag who perorated so vitriolically to their takfiri minders in Occupied Northern Syria.  They all think that the “WORLD” will come to their aid.  Did they ever think about why they would need international aid against the government and institutions of Syria?  Did they ever think that the Ba’ath Party, with all its shortcomings, had actually built a disciplined military with traditions and rules that made it a formidable institution?  Did they think that Syria, which under Dr. Assad, wiped out all national debt would simply crumble because Alawi-hating bigots wanted to change the Alawi government to something yet unknown?  Did they take any pride in the fact that the Syrian Army Chief of the General Staff, Lt. General Dawood Rajha, was an Orthodox Christian?  No!  They have no interest in such progress.  Do they care that Generals Deeb Zeitoun, Director of Political Security, and Ali Mamlouk, Director of General Security, are Sunnis – loyal to the Ba’ath and the government of Syria?  They don’t care because their entire Weltanschaung is filled with nothing but pure, unadulterated hatred of anything that is not their brand of Sunnism.  They have no plan; no leadership; they are “GHAWGHAA'”.

Dr. Assad runs the risk of making the same mistake that ALI IBN ABI TALIB made during the final days of the battle of SIFFIN.  Those of you who have not read about this, should immediately hasten to some appropriate reference book to familiarize yourselves with this crucial event in the history of Sunni-Shi’i relations. You see, at that time, when AL-IMAM ALI was battling the forces of MU’AWIYA IBN SUFYAN,  there were no shi’is yet.  But the point must not be lost on Dr. Assad.  If he persists in this effort to cajole or, otherwise, dally with the seditionist traitors of Hama and Homs, inter alia, he plays with the possibility of losing the support of many of those who, like myself, want him to bring the heavens down on their heads!  He may have his own problem with KHAWARIJ within his own camp.  No one wants this to happen. I say to him: “Do not worry about European warrants”,  because we can issue our own against those same Europeans.  Protect your country.  The merchants of Syria want you to end this sedition. NOW! Before Ramadan when the idiots begin to treat each day of the month as some kind of Friday.

Those who call for the violent overthrow of your government are the worst traitors.  The security and military forces of Syria are within their rights to shoot them dead.  You cannot do this in the United States without the Secret Service swirling around you like flies over a compost heap.  You cannot do this is neighboring Turkey.
But if there are bodies strewn about, collect them, cremate them, pulverize them and give them to the four winds. Do not return them to their families lest they or their salafist allies find some may to mutilate the bodies post-mortem and blame the results on the Syrian security personnel.  This is what happened to Hamza Al-Khateeb and to that wretched, nincompoop songwriter Abdel-Rahman Rahmani.

Syria is vulnerable to much propaganda, defamation and pure lying, because there is no viable governmental public relations machinery.  The history of this glaring omission has much to do with the endemic secrecy of the Ba’ath.  Lesbians complain about life in Syria (false propaganda by some limey miscreant);  The Syrian Ambassador to France, Lamia Shakkour, defects to the opposition (false again, the work of typically inept Lebanese right-wing pornographists).  A young boy from Der’aa is tortured to death by security personnel with the added, almost artistic touch of having his penis amputated (false! POST-MORTEM MUTILATION by the boy’s family’s salafist allies.)  The list goes on and on with the U.S. government playing a role through Madame Porkloin Clinton and her zionist handlers at the NYT.  To stop this constant cacophonous vituperation, I suggest the following:

1.  No more foreign correspondents in Syria; especially the zionist-employed, faux-Arabes, plague-spreading dog-ordure, Anthony Shadid. Whoever allowed this runt to visit Hama should be evaluated by a competent psychiatrist.  No one from the BBC should be permitted to have any contact with a Syrian citizen, if possible. 

2. Stop all the communications technology which permits the traitors to contact and coordinate.  Those who are caught with cellphones being used as cameras to document demonstrations should be charged with sedition and tried before an appropriate criminal court.  The sentence, if the verdict is guilty, should be life in prison with no possibility of parole or amnesty. The criminal must know that life will be a dead end in the world-famous Syrian Corrections System. 

3. Appoint a team of linguistically competent and telegenic personalities to represent Syria on the world stage.
These people must be properly informed about events so that they can credibly exhibit Syria’s morally strong
policies in the international media.  Quick on their feet with deft parry and thrust, they take on the vicious bloodhounds of the Zionist disinformation machinery and bring it to rusty desuetude.

4. Reaffirm the 1963 Emergency Law and apply it with ruthless abandon.  Now we all know why it existed  and why it was so necessary.  Repealing it was a mistake.

5. Acquire Anti-Riot gear appropriate for some demonstrations which do not call for the violent overthrow of the government.  People will notice this.  Use rubber bullets on rioters instead of live ammunition which will be welcomed by soldiers.  Although rubber bullets have been known to kill Palestinians, they tend to be less lethal. 

6.  If foreign elements are found to be fomenting discord, spreading a secular message or performing acts of terrorism, those individuals must be hanged immediately in public places and left to dangle for weeks, if necessary, to establish the government’s writ.  No one should have doubt about the seriousness of foreign salafist interference; the stink of their rotting, unburied  bodies will make that point all too clear.

7.  Issue a warrant for the arrest of JUDGE OCAMPO for acts of bigotry perpetrated against dark-skinned politicians.  Make it clear that if arrested he will be tried in Iran.  Ziad Abu Fadel, Esq.