Hama and no news is good news

They say Hama erupted last weekend in large demonstrations demanding change in government.  Well! Dr. Assad discharged the major, a Mr. Abdel-Aziz, who did not have the perspicacity to put in place sufficient deterrents.  His replacement has not been announced yet in the major news outlets.  I hope he’s going to be the former mayor, Muhammad Harba!  He was great in 1982.  Anyways, the NYT had nothing to say about it on Monday.  It appears Mr. Liam Stack has been seconded to Cairo where he will have greater access to Guinness Stout and that miserable Egyptian situation.  Having to rely on the charity of the Red Crescent Society was humiliating.  Tony Shadid has been ranting from Occupied Northern Syria without much success.  The news is out.  The fat Syrian refugees from Jisr al-Shughour now know he is an infidel Christian, not to be trusted with their delicious, fabricated secrets.  The Turks are throwing them out and, according to officials, the number of Syrian asylum-seekers is down to 9,500.  That means that the Turkish I.Q. is now starting to go up.  Ziad.