I am furious

July 12, 2011 at 12:55 p.m.- Just got back from lunch and I’m furious.  I cannot believe that all Dr. Assad has done to redress the wrongs of Ambassador Robert Fraud is summon him to the foreign ministry.  Ford’s actions are those of an enemy operative and should be treated as such.  He has placed my wife’s family in increasing danger by doing his little prostitute’s dance in front of Hama’s criminal elite and giving them the impression that America is behind them.  When will Dr. Assad do something? 

The NYT had some unintentionally hilarious posts today.  In his editorial section, the editor wrote “The Long Pursuit of Justice in Lebanon” as some kind of entreaty to P.M. Miqati to get on with the business of arresting the four suspects in the Bellmaire indictment.  Oh, please! You mean someone out there still cares about that zionist piece of sludge, Rafik Hariri?  I am Lebanese, born in Lebanon and carry a Lebanese passport.  I don’t care about Hariri or tiny-tot Hariri.  These are Saudi shoe-shine boys who dress up, when in Arabia,  in their bedsheets so as to look just like the culturally depressed, camel-dung eating, flea infested, lazy trash goldbricks inhabiting that giant sandbox.  Rafik Hariri visited the Zionist Abomination at least twice (according to Khalid Al-Agha) before he was dispatched to the fires of hell.  May he stay there and never return.  The indicted four will never be turned over to white European racists.  Especially to Judge Ocampo, still the leader for the Hyprocrite of the Year Award.

The NYT article titled: “Israel Bans Boycotts Against the State”:  You gotta read this one.  The democratic and freedom-loving zionist detritus of Zionist Occupied Palestine (ZOP) have now voted to make it illegal to boycott their illegal colonies on the West Bank.  Apparently, Prime Minister Benjamin Mileikowski (alias Benjamin Netanyahu), the Russian/Lithuanian leader of ZOP views the process with approbation since he managed to be absent for the voting along with his Lithuanian defense minister Ehud Brog (alias Barak).  What a joke!  Did anyone ever buy this story about the neo-nazi zionist, Slavic colonial-settler state being a democracy?  I ask all of you to join me in prayer for the accurate firing of Syrian Scud-B missiles right on top of every zionist head that has sullied the honor of Palestine-Southern Syria.  Pray every day for this for Baybars is arisen!  He truly is.

NYT again: “U.S. and French Embassies Attacked in Syria”.  Attacking the embassies of imperialist countries is old hat.  Mr. Ford’s conduct is something else, however.  It is claimed that Mr. Ford can speak Arabic.  He can say things like: “Wayn Al-Hammam?” and “Tuzzz”.  Since he has never been seen interviewed by even a low-grade network like Al-Jazeera, it must be assumed that Mr. Ford is indeed a fraud.  A lot of people put on their resume’s “fluent in Arabic”.  You can get that over on some of the trolls at the State Department, but not over me!  The sooner he is booted out of Syria,  along with that spinster hag lie-dispenser Victoria Nuland,  the better for the people of Hama. Calm will delay the arrival of Muhammad Harba, my man in Hama.  Or worse, my Lord Rukneddin Baybars al-Bunduqdari.  Punishment for the wicked is near. Only the noria will remain.

The Germans are selling 200 Leopard Tanks to the laziest people on earth.  This, after Arabia’s maginificent display of democratic fervor by crushing the peaceful demonstrations on the island of Bahrein. American and western hypocrites can now try to find some wiggle-room out of the moral morass they created.   But no, there is no wiggle-way out of this one.  It’s all just oil.  And that’s what makes the German Uhr go round.
But what will the bloody Saudis do with the best tank in the world?  Saudis can’t drive them because that requires effort.  Are they going to get Pakistani mercenaries to drive them?  Or will the Germans send a legion of echt-deutsche soldaten to handle the problem?  Hessians!  No.  There are no tanks.  The Saudi “royal family” is just transferring billions of dollars of ill-gotten money to a foreign country.  This is how they do it.  After a couple of years,  the tanks will be forgotten.  Those who raise the issue will be beheaded. 

I can’t wait to get to Syria to finish our home in Slinfeh.  Just some more paperwork.  I’m going fishing this Friday near Grayling.  My friends Mark the Professor and Mark the Brit are staying with me at our family dacha.  We’ll have a good time.  ZAF