It is now bad news for Hama

Only traitors to Syria would continue to ratchet up the violence despite government guarantees of non-inervention in farcical demonstrations on condition that they do not target property and possessions.  The city of Hama, which I know quite well, having visited it on numerous occasions, is a virulent cesspool of pro-salafist and takfiri sympathy.  The city bulges, really, with a religious weight far too heavy for the population’s notoriously thin membrane of intelligence. Hamawis, having fed themselves to obesity on suet and shortening, are now fatter around the head than ever before.  Poor Dr. Assad must now deal with their legendary ignorance.  He should read a page from King Rukneddin Baybar’s assault on Antioch.  He should find Muhammad Harba and reappoint him viceroy for the government.  He should instuct the new mayor, Waleed Ibaza, on how Al-Hajjaj Ibn Yusuf al-Thaqafi wold deal with these pests. 

I have received a new nominee for International Hyprocrite of the Year Award.  He is Anthony Shadid of the NYT.  His daily perorations, delivered from the relative safety of Beirut, have awakened many sleeping human mediocrities and impelled them to rail against his professional lying.  It is obvious that the availability of Arak has impaired his ability to reason, and therewith, allowed him to cloak himself with the purest form of hypocrisy.  He shall be a worthy opponent for Judge Ocampo. Another potential candidate is Amnesty International.  I am awaiting someone’s nomination.

I will be leaving for Syria in the next few weeks.  Besides taking care of some business,  I will return with a complete view of the unrest in the SAR.  Liars beware.!