Let’s Talk Turkey

Once the Near East’s shining star; beloved by all, even “dhimmis” like the undersigned.  Viewed by the Arabs and Iranians as a kind of Garibaldi, sweeping out of the hills to force unity upon all; Sunnis and Shi’is included.  Defender of the Egyptian Revolution. Enemy of the evil Qaddhafi. Friend to the Palestinians. Righter of Wrongs.  Right?……  Wrong!  Erdoghan’s true ideology has now been exposed.  Not by his political opponents; they can do nothing, really, in the constricting world of Turkish neo-fundamentalism.  No, my readers, Syria, lowly Syria, once again in total inadvertence, has exposed Mr. Erdoghan for what he really is.  He is the greatest victory of the Arab Muslim Brotherhood. He will also be its greatest failure.  I have to leave for court now.  Not much time.  I’ll get back to this in due course.