July 21, 2011: Its no secret that the first lady of “Gutter” (or “Qatra’eel” or “Qatar”)  is named after a banana.  Hence, she is now Madame Banana of Qatra’eel.  The Germans say somberly that: “Man speaks to God directly, whilst women speak to God through their men”.  How true.  But it is also said that the Emir TABL IBN TABLAYN ZAWJ AL-MAWZAAYA a/k/a PRINCE DRUM SON OF DOUBLEDRUM HUSBAND OF MADAME BANANA speaks through his wife.  This exemplar of good health and fitness is now leading the Arab Treason Pact with arrogance befitting his flea-bitten bedouin ancestors.  A proponent of democracy, he rules his zombie-like subjects with cheap perfumes from Taiwan and feathered condoms from Italy.  A slavish people used to sitting long hours in the shade swatting horseflies, Qataris are at the vanguard of the Arab Movement for Static De-Evolution, a theory espoused by the Emir’s first cousin (by incest) and Foreign Minister: PRINCE HUMDRUM SON OF DOLDRUM OFFSPRING OF MADAME BANANA.  He recently recalled his “ambassador” from Damascus citing “security fears”.  Oh, really? I certainly hope that Mr. Walid Mouallem, foreign minister of Syria, responds in kind citing “hygenic reasons” for the recalling of our ambassador.  It is my understanding that staying in Gutter for more than two months subjects the unvaccinated visitor to feelings of languor, depression, inability to do anything by himself, reliance on Filipino maids to urinate, cook, bathe (if at all)  or dress.  Let’s save our ambassador any more suffering and get him back to the salubrious air of Damascus.

I have heard that the French foreign minister, Monsieur Juppe,  has commented on the situation with Colonel Qaddafi, Bad Boy of Benghazi, King of Kings of Africa, Everlasting Light of the Masses, by saying that if the Colonel abandons his office and powers, he may stay in Libya.  Zowie!  A Frenchman is negotiating the Colonel’s ability to stay in his own country of birth? What about INTERNATINAL HYPROCRITE NOMINEE JUDGE OCAMPO?  What is he going to say about this?  There is a warrant issued for the Colonel’s arrest.  Is it just worth beans since the French seem to have a lock on the international judicial  system?  What a racket.  Ziad