Obama Enemy of the Syrian People

July 13, 2011-This is the last straw. Obama, incompetent in everything else, is now targeting the innocent civilians of Syria.  Dr. Assad must unleash the army in a show of force so brutal that no Ikhwanji will have any doubt about his resovle.  His projection of a Casper Milquetoast persona is not helping.  He is sending the wrong information to the zionist-controlled American government. Miss Piggy Clinton is now espousing pure hogwash.  She must learn that Syria does not break because of her bloviations. 

The first step is to get Ambassador Robert Fraud out of Damascus.  This will tell the trash in Hama that there is no deus ex machina; there is no cavalry coming to their rescue.  There is only Scud-B missiles landing on their thick, dull skulls. Dr. Assad must unleash his most ferocious general –  a reborn Al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf Al-Thaqafi to surround the city and strangle it.  Those who march this Friday against the government must be shot on the spot!  Their calls for the violent overthrow of the government is treason and pure sedition.  It is illegal in the U.S. and in Syria.  Their bodies must not be returned to family so as to avoid post-mortem mutilation that can be used by terrorist-traitors like Rami Abdel-Rahman, MI6 stooge, liar and lousy English speaker, to demonstrate torture.  Their bodies must be burned and ground into ashes, scattered to the four winds, and forgotten like so many fleas on the rump-end of a camel. 

Todays NYT was hilarious.  Apparently the Obama regime is asserting that actions in Syria are causing people to leave the country in droves.  That’s old news Mr. Obama!  They’re all returning now except the over-bloated females who look more like black VW bugs and who apparently like losing weight based on the Ankara Weight Loss Program instituted by Dr. Davutoghlu.  Everyone else is coming back.  American hopes for the creation of a refugee crisis have vaporized.  American zionist trash failed to create more misery.  Neocon traitors always fail.   

Even Turkey is now cooperating with Syria.  It has become clear to the oriento-centric P.M. Erdoghan that the U.S., French and British designs on Syria were imperialistic at their core.  Turkey may now play a more constructive role in calming the situation inside its southern neighbor. Iran has also played a role that can be described as most positive.  Iran made clear to Turkey that any actions against Syria would have consequences for the economic relations between the two countries.  Turkey was quick to understand that a few derelict, simian-brained thugs in Hama were hardly worth losing the billions of dollars in trade promised by their improving relations.  The English failed. The French failed. The Americans failed.  Russia, China, Brazil, Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, India and almost every other country in the world supports the Syrian government’s legitimate efforts to maintain unity and stability. Dr. Assad must conduct himself like a man who is supported by great powers- because he is.

The French should be particularly sensitive to Madame Boule De Suif Clinton’s oratory about “legitimacy”. I mean: is there one Frenchman or Frenchwoman who is legitimate?  Toules sont vraiment batards!  With cuckoldry reaching epidemic levels in France, can anyone be sure who his mother really is? I’ve been told that French faith in monogamous relationships has turned to pure contemptuosness.  (Like NYT reporters, my source asked to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the matter.)  When Edith Cresson exclaimed that three quarters of all Englishmen were homosexuals she should have been fair and added, that all her people are a brood of illegitimate spunk.  She might have kept her job that way. And now the bastards are hitting on my Syria.  GRRR.

I sincerely hope our troops will be completely withdrawn from Iraq this year.  I don’t want to see Americans made the target of every wacko gun-for-hire in the Near East.  We should never have gone to Iraq and we must correct our errors.  American soldiers are not cannon-fodder.  They are not numbers.  Mr. Nour Al-Maliki must refuse American offers to stay.  He promised Muktada Al-Sadr exactly that in order to garner his support agains Dr. Ayyad Allawi.  Now is the time to free Americans from any further involvement in Iraq and transfer Iraq to the winner in this whole conflict, Iran.  Ziad Amin Abu Fadel