Obama’s Popularity in the Arab World

July 15, 2011-Short and sweet.  Obama is hated throughout the Arab World because he is a zionist stooge.  Let’s not mince words here.  This bellows of a man, filled with gaseous platitudes, ascending prose, billowing imagination, chimerical visions of a new world order, is nothing more than an hollow scarecrow doomed to live out history in the noisome dumpsters behind dilapidated tenement houses from whence he arose.

The polls in the Arab World prove he is a failure – an abject disaster for American foreign policy.  He is a liar and pretender, a poseur essentially with no morals to speak of.  When the U.N. Security Council had before it a resolution declaring zionist settlments on the West Bank illegal, which is the overwhelming position of international lawyers, justices and nations; and the U.S.; and when our French and British allies supported the resolution along with everyone else on the Council, who vetoed the resolution?  Yes. Zionist stooge Obama did through that inept, lifeless Kleiderpuppe, Madame Rice.

And when that was not enough, he colluded with Madame Clinton to build up the unrest in Syria to Rabelaisian proportions even though nothing justified the Hollywood “wag the dog” scenario he and his zionist/neo-con handlers were concocting.  “Oh, my god! President Assad is killing his own people”.  “President Assad is losing legitimacy” and other assorted mantras of filth and self-degradation to which even Whitehall would never aspire. Legitimacy?  Madame Clinton.  Are you sure your husband is legitimate?

What is causing his spike-down in popularity? He pretends to support democratic movements in the Arab World.  When the scurvy-infested ersatz monarchy in Bahrain did its thing on the majority of Shi’is who demanded a greater say in government,  Madame Bilious of our State Department muttered some words of caution about respecting the rights of all citizens.  When the Saudis sent in their mercenary army of constipated, uncoordinated thugs to squelch the Shi’i majority, what did Obama and Clinton do? Nothing.  They couldn’t even utter one word of criticism.  After all, King Abadllah, Protector of the Two Holiest Sanctuaries, Ruler of the Land of Sand, Emperor Raghead Greaseball and Big Pumpkin,  was skittishly pulling the strings to make sure those rotten Shi’is never get one particle of ordinary rights.  

But in Syria, Oh, in Syria! My God, in Syria!  Obama comes out of his corner like the chump weasel he really is.  Oh, he parried, jabbed, and threw some hooks, but in the end, after all the bluster had lost its shine, he had to settle for metallic-sounding “legitimacy” asides that rang hollow in the Arab World and simply demonstrated that he had no substance to him.  He has worked tirelessly along with that professional
horse’s ass, David Cameron and France’s MAGYAR CUCKOLD, to cast doubt about Dr. Assad’s ability to lead a minority mob of disgruntled Sunni bigots, Takfiris, Salafists, mummified old-maids and unemployed ne’r-do-wells.  The fact that the majority of Syrians support their president makes no difference to this triumvirate of 5/6 white trash, the balance being what it is.  They have lost.  They will always lose because they run their country’s foreign policies with an eye to pleasing the zionist networks that infest their countries. They are traitors to their own people.  ZAF