Robert Ford, Ambassador Fraud Extraordinaire

July 12, 2011 – This is just in.  Robert Ford (or Fraud) managed to reach Hama with his French sidekick, a Mr. Erik Chevallier, by using fabricated documents in the form of “laissez passer” signed  by Brig.Gen. Zuhair Hamad.  The signature was expertly forged by a CIA specialist at the embassy in Damascus.  Mr. Ford passed at least 4 checkpoints without being interrogated. 

But the most shocking of all is the fact that this derelict pseudo-ambassador actually had the temerity to ask his Hamawi hosts not participate in the National Dialogue because “it’s a fraud” as his tranlator told listeners.  This is pure interference in the internal affairs of another country!  It is a violation of international agreements and especially the Vienna Conventions concerning the conduct of diplomatic personnel.  This man, Mr. Ford, that is, has deliberately participated in sedition and fomenting sectarian conflict.  This should be viewed by Syrians as an act of war! 

Because Derelict Ford brought all this calumny upon himself and the U.S.A., the State Department has embarked on a campaign to embarrass Syria diplomatically in order to distract attention from the wildman antics of this out-of-control rectum-erectus.  The U.S.A. accused Syria’s ambassador of coordinating intimidation tactics against Syrian-Americans (read: “Muslim Brotherhood Quack-Physicians and their Ugly Wives”).  Then the U.S.A. accused the Syrian government of responding slowly to the riotous results of felonious Ford outside the embassy in Damascus.  Then, to top it all off, our resident MISS PIGGY, Crypto-Lesbian, Cant Understand Normal Thinking, creepy Madame Clinton declares in her Madame Tussaud make-up, and with so much hot air, that Dr. Assad has lost legitimacy as president.  Oh, really?  Has she done a poll inside Syria?  How is it, Lady Fathead, that when the government calls for a demonstration, the numbers overwhelm all those of the grindingly ignorant scum to whom the U.S. caters?  DR. ASSAD IS THE PRESIDENT OF SYRIA! PERIOD! And talk about cuckolds.

I used to hate Qaddafi for personal reasons.  He tortured and killed my Professor at the University of Michigan, Dr. Amr Al-Nami (Ennami).  I will tell you about this later.  But, today, I support the Colonel in his efforts to stick a trucheon up Britain’s and France’s collective arses.  I want to see that effiminate Cameron and the oozing, gooey Nicolas MAGYAR CUCKOLD Sarkozy eat camel dung as they waste their countries’ wealth on a war the Colonel will win.  Why?  Well, have you heard the insurgents talk yet?  Every one of them sounds like the gardener my aunt had in Amman, Jordan, many decades ago.  Or better yet, like the people of Jisr Al-Shughour.  These people do not deserve to have a country.  They deserve the English and Frog-slime to rule them… take their oil because they are too stupid, ignorant and genetically in-bred to have any claims on their own natural resources.    

And by the by, the long-suffering, overfed, obese snivelling coward trash of Jisr Al-Shughour are finally making their way back.  No one is reporting about them. The U.S.A. failed in its efforts to characterize their plight as anything other than a termporary deviation from an otherwise boring life of sitting outside granaries and cursing Alawis, Druzes and Christians. Reports are that they did not like refugee food and wanted to get
back to uncontrolled gluttony which the Baath Party evidently permits. Reports are that Prime Minister Erdoghan is contrite over some of the hyperbole he deployed during this manufactured crisis.  ZAF