The Day of Judgment is at Hand for the Traitors of Hama

July 31, 2011-The Syrian Army came down like the wolf on the fold.  Finally, the Hamlet-like president of Syria took the action he should have taken months ago.  Hama will be shown that its miserable road blocks made of papier-mache and old tires are no match for soldiers in T-72 tanks.  Oh, but the Hamawi traitors and apostates are firing at Syrian soldiers, a great way to convice them that the “People and the Army are One Hand!”. May President Assad be guided to the path of selective annihilation for this pest of a city.  It should have been done long before the onset of Ramadan.  Ramadan is taking place in the hottest of seasons.  I hope that Syrian Army tanks have air conditioning so that the soldiers can, at least, take down the salafists in complete comfort.

 And, by the way, this Hama event brings out the scurvy-laden grubs who spread the lies; they come out like termites in a fire or flies on a heap of manure disturbed by a shovel.  Rami Abdel-Rahman, the MI6 agent and exile-rodent who heads some organization ineptly named: the Syrian Lavatory for Human Rights has expounded again on statistics he knows are inaccurate and created by his English spook handlers.  He has been used as a source of information by some of the most inarticulate and misguided of journalists as though they were incapable, themselves, of making up events and statistics.  Anyone who believes, like this dame on CBS radio news this morning,  that Hama is in revolt because of “democracy activists” and the like,  belong on Canadian Saturday morning harvest reports.

I understand that Deir El-Zor is in protest again.  There is even a ridiculous claim that 55 Syrian soldiers and two officers have defected to the dissenters.  This is more disinformation spread by the plague-carrying, bottom-feeding copraphagic reptiles who collect their weekly cheques from zionist organizations and western intelligence agencies.  Their destiny is dark and mephitic.

Congratulations to Madame Hillary Big-ham Clinton.  I just heard that Dr. Ayman Zawahiri of Al-Qaeda has joined her in condemning the Syrian government.  If there is any more proof needed for the proposition that salafists, takfiris and the Muslim Brotherhood are behind any disturbances in Syria, we are in overkill territory.  Let Mr. Erdoghan know that the purulent filth in Hama is not a moderate, democracy-loving congregation of pious Muslims; it is Beelzebub’s minions incarnate!  These are the ones who put the bombs under benches and inside trains in Istanbul.  Let there be no doubt:  this is not a war between the Baath and freedom-loving Syrians.  It is a war-to-the end against backwardness and reaction.  The Syrian Arab Republic will win the day and the bodies of the traitors and apostates will be ground, bones and all, into fine silica and given to the four winds.

Which reminds me that the bodies of the scum in Hama should not be left for collection by family members. These turn-coat salafists and zionist spies should be sent in refrigerated trucks to the medical schools in Damascus, Latakia and Aleppo or any other department teaching biology.  In the alternative, we might just cremate their miserable pelts and grind them into dust.  This will obviate the need for more of these irrational displays of anti-revolutionary fervor during time-consuming funerals.If the government is asked about their bodies, tell the errant parents that their ignorant sons have been given to science so that something, at least, will come of their worthless existences on earth.  If Judge Ocampo starts whimpering about such goings-on, tell him that science must go forward and sacrifices must be made. 

What about preserving the organs of the traitors for future live-saving operations?  Syria can get into the business of legitimately selling the body parts of salafists and takfiris to the world.  At the very minimum, the sale of one heart can go a long way to defraying the costs of having to dispatch the traitor scum.  Ziad Amin Abu Fadel.