The New York Times; Go to Tabloid Hell!

July 19, 2011:  Before I get to the major point of my diary today,  I would like to inform you that the EMIR TABL IBN TABLAYN ZAWJ MAWZAAYA A/K/A PRINCE DRUM SON OF DRUMDRUM HUSBAND OF MADAME BANANA, LEADER OF QATRA’EEL has withdrawn his ambassador, apparently, from Syria in a show of solidarity with the TAKFIRI GARBAGE infesting the roadways of the country.  Wow! What shall we do without that smelly little merd of a man who wouldn’t wash the bedsheet he was sleeping in and wearing it daily in Damascus?  Reports have it that he has been called back to QATRA’EEL to get a reassignment to Bangladesh where the QATRA’EELI embassy is juxtaposed next to a public cesspool. 

Anyone who subscribes to the New York Times, should and must discontinue such a relationship.  I have just severed mine with the NYT and will never reinstate it.  I will tell you about the last straw. 

Today, Nada Bakri wrote an article: “Deaths in Syria Tied to Rifts Between Sects” in which she declared, without much shame,  that Homs was “Syria’s second largest city”.  Now, that might not seem like a big mistake, but it is.  It is because it shows that the editorial standards of the NYT are at rock-bottom.  If they can’t get the easy stuff right, what about the substantial material?  If Pravda wrote that Detroit was America’s third largest city, what would that say about the quality of their copy?  Her entire article was based on the opinions of “activists”, whatever that means.  To me, it means traitor.

But today, the straw broke the camel’s back.  In a NYT Editor’s column titled “Syria’s Struggle”, the reprehensible,  neo-con, zionist-kook editor made demands for more sanctions against the government of Syria and its people. In a shameless diatribe, the NYT called upon Germany, the Netherlands, France and Italy to stop buying Syrian oil.  The NYT also called the Arab League a disgrace, which it is, but for different reasons that zionist trash can’t understand.  It condemned Russia for not allowing a resolution to condemn Syria at the Security Council.  It said that as long as cynicism exists in the world community, Dr. Assad will still believe that he can “hang on”. 

The NYT did not mention that the Syrian Army is still a unified power behind the government.  It did not mention that the majority of Syrians, Sunnis and Christians, Alawis and Druzes, and so many others in the fascinating kaleidoscope of Levantine society support the government and will do what is necessary to prevent the takfiris, reactionaries and the minority Sunni salafists from gaining power in our country.  Syria will become a member of the 21st Century Club despite the zionist machinations of the NYT and the rest of the network of zionist liars who occupy western news sources.  ZAF.