July 25, 2011 – I received another NYT newspaper although I terminated  my relationship with that zionist rag last week.  They still oppress me with their mendacity in an effort to lift their subscription/distribution statistics to get a better rate on advertising. 

Which brings me back to that laughable Anthony Shadid of the NYT.  I’m going to look him up and expose him as the poseur/charlatan he really is. This purveyor of political smut has some Irish luck, as far as I’m concerned.  He has been allowed into Syria for daytime reportage but must, apparently, go back to Beirut at night.  This arrangement is seriously flawed.  He must not be allowed into Syria at all!  He must be deported from Lebanon!  He should be reporting from Tel Aviv where he receives his orders anyway.  I have communicated my feelings about foreign correspondents in Syria to Dr. Imad Moustapha, the Syrian Ambassador to the U.S.  I don’t know if he cares or has sent my views to his principals.  But this open-season on Syria must come to an end with sudden resolve.  There are some journalists who have snuck over the border into Syria to spread their venom and officious intermeddling.  If caught, they must be charged as spies and condemned to life imprisonment at Adra or Saydnaaya. There, they can report all they like and have access to the legendary scum that inhabits the interstices of the prison walls.

I now know that Anthony Shadid is a mole/spy/agent-provocateur.   He reports that some Alawis joined the demonstrations in Homs!  The lying bastard did not inform the readership that the Alawis he was talking about were supporters of Rifaat Assad, exiled leader of hashish smoking whoremongers and low-end professional liars.  From London or Marbella,  he finances a network of mostly ignorant blue collar hypocrites in western countries like the U.S. in order to demonstrate his influence on events.  He advertises on a web site owned and operated by Etienne Sakr, hero of the Guardians of the Cedars, unindicted mass murderer and sectarian Christian blood-addict/terrorist.  Those Alawis were ordered by Abu Duraid, a/k/a Rifaat Assad, to participate in the sedition to show that only he can bridge the gap between the Sunnis and the Alawis of Syria.  What tommyrot. Ziad Abu Fadel.