Trivial Pursuits

July 14, 2011- Yahoo today printed a news article with a photograph showing Dr. Bashar Al-Assad speaking to the newly-appointed governor of Hama.  Yahoo claims that it is a doctored photograph.  They went to the trouble of contacting experts who confirmed that the photos were doctored up.  So what?  Are they intimating that Dr. Assad is unable to meet with with the new governor?  Is this like showing President Assad sitting on Leonid Brezhnev’s lap when he was a child?  If some of these news sources paid more attention to real news,  the people of the U.S. might still have a chance.  But this is the kind of slop they shovel up for the average schmo in the street.  Schade! Schade! ZAF

 There is also a conclusory statement in the article about the Syrian Embassy spokesperson who, Yahoo claims, is “quitting”. So?  Again, don’t diplomats find other jobs?  Don’t they grow old?  The intimation in the article was deliberately vague – just enough yellow journalism to get some village idiot to declare a defection in the ranks of the diplomatic service.  I hope Dr. Imad Moustapha, Syrian Ambassador to the U.S., will clarify this by having the spokesperson declare his true motives.  ZAF

I have to interpret today in the courts in a domestic relations case.  Tomorrow I am off to our dacha for fishing.  I shall report to you our success or failure.  Good day.  ZAf