A Newer Modest Proposal – Fertilizer

August 1, 2011 – I don’t think that using them for anatomical instruction will work.  Some Dr. Abu-Kildare will take note so many have bullet holes in their abdomens that he’ll wind up blowing a whistle and possibly getting on the slab himself.  Hmmm.  So, I thought about it.  I liked the idea of just cremation in the purifying fires of Shiva, a pagan farewell to a vicious hypocrite.  Salafists don’t deserve much of anything else. But, to what end?  Wouldn’t it be better to use their remains as fertilizer?   Yes, I know.  It is unislamic to eat anything derived from an human being.  But what if we demonize them?  What if we sell their processed remains to people who don’t care. What if produce tastes better because of their rancid remains?  It is a short-lived business, to be sure.  I mean, this lousy little eructation will disappear like so many pustules dusted with talcum.  Yet, we have to recoup losses due to their belligerence. 

Shadid and his wife, Nada Bakri, of the zionist NYT (which refuses to stop delivering the rag to my doorstep) have now expectorated another toxic dose of fantasy-making in today’s edition.  But nothing they write or make up will match the balderdash shoveled up by one Bassma Kodmani in todays Op-Ed section.  The mini-bio describes her as exective director of The Arab Reform Initiative.  Oh, spare me!  I am Pozzo! I am Pozzo!  This made-up organization which has one member, namely, Ms. Kodmani, is obviously paid for by Madame Fatso Clinton with the assent of our illustrious mischief-making dunderhead ambassador to Damascus: HIS EXCELLENCY ROBERT FRAUD.  Their stratagem is so transparent.  I mean, doesn’t everybody read the blooming NYT? 

In her hilarious article, the fictional Ms. Kodmani, writes that Alawites in Syria can be cajoled into abandoning the Assad family through assurances from the largely Sunni seditionists that their welfare will be 
protected by the new CALIPH OF THE HOLY TAKFIRI ISLAMIC REPUBLIC.  Well.  That’s a new one.  She also makes up this story, particularly suspicious, that Alawi clerics and leaders have “tried reaching out to Sunni religious figures, including leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in the last month to obtain guarantees that their security and well-being will be protected in the post-Assad era”.  Oh, boy.  When the NYT lies, it doesn’t settle for some little fib. My wife is from the Alawi town of Slinfeh and we have very strong contacts with Alawis in the Jibal Al-Sahil area.  Not  a one would ever consider contacting the Muslim Brotherhood or any member of the salafist movement in Syria.  That’s like asking MLK to negotiate with the Aryan Nations group for an assurance that the latter will stop considering blacks inferior or unworthy of American citizenship.  What lies.

I now believe that this hag, Kodmani, is a man named Rami Abdelrahman.  I believe this article was written by Clive Hoare-Smedley (a former colleague of Sir John Scarlett) of the MI6 organization in an effort to possibly get the message across to Alawis that Assad should go (unless he breaks with Tehran, of course).  But there is more.  I will pick apart her (his) fatuous little article and then set on that zionist filth-mongerer Anthony Shadid and his luckless wife, Bakri.  All of this will be accomplished tomorrow. In due course.  ZAF.  Always vigilant.  Always secular.