August 26, 2011 – More news in on Mr.Ali Farzat, the cartoonist who had his hand broken by some angry toughs in Damascus.  We still don’t know who attacked Farzat – its probably government affiliated young men who grew tired of his obstinacy.  But don’t ostracise the government yet.  You have to also know that Farzat was constantly in contact with the American Embassy through employees there who encouraged him to persist in satirising the president of Syria.  BAD ADVICE!  He is very lucky not to have been dispatched conclusively.  Instead, he will be able to draw again, but, hopefully, not with the same subject matter in mind.  I am recommending that he be charged with “trying to weaken the morale of the nation” and “spreading false news” and “working with a foreign government”.  It appears he has no connection to any spy network.  Nonetheless, his travel must be restricted lest he think he can get away with his treachery. 

The zionist government of Obama has now made it impossible for you to use Visa or Mastercard in Syria.  As you all know, cash is just fine in Syria.  And there are ways around the American credit card restrictions.
The Syrians are going to strike back in their own way.  The Syrian security services are some of the best in the world.  The next time they have information about some operation planned against the West, they’re not going to tell anybody.  If the Russian or Chinese fleets want docking rights in Syria’s deep-water ports, they will get it.  If the Chinese want to install missiles in Syria, no problem.  AND, if Iran wants to install more missiles in Syria, well?  I also have heard that the Syrian government is considering sending advanced weapons to Qaddafi’s people – not because they like him, but because British and French planes and plans should be shot down.  Syria has a massive stock of retired military men who would love to make a decent buck serving the interests of that kook colonel in Libya. 

Today’s NYT, was alternately hilarious and pathetic.  Nada Bakri, clumsy wife of Anthony Shadid (on assignment today in Tunisia), wrote a piece about Ali Farzat and the situation in Syria with quotes I know none of you will believe.  The same is true of Shadid himself.  Shadid cannot understand North African Arabic much less Levantine Arabic – so how does he come up with these really cool quotes?  He makes them up.  Is there something about the Shadid DNA that selects for lying?  Is lying communicable?  Should Shadid win the TONY BLAIR INTERNATIONAL LIAR’S AWARD when he is genetically predisposed to lying?  It just doesn’t sound fair. 

Oh, and by the by,  the Russian Federation is now reading my blog.  That makes the U.S., U.K. Germany and Russia the leading countries in good taste and refinement.  I am on the threshold of importance.

The LORD GRAYBEARD COMMITTEE has once again reaffirmed the award to Silvio Berlusconi. 
He is the undisputed leader in all maters pedophilic. 

The Arab-American News or Sada Al-Watan, published by my friend Oussama Seblani, is not known for its conciseness or religious adherence to fact.  Example: today they show a picture of President Assad standing
beween some generals of his army.  In the squib, it notes that to the left is General Hassan Turkmani, the new defence minister.  Well, that just ain’t so.  General Turkmani is now a retired military officer and chief advisor to Dr. Assad in military matters.  The real defense minister, is General Ali Habib Mahmoud.  So, there.

Syria has now turned a corner in its war against the traitors demonstrating in the streets.  Equipment received from Iran has permitted the security forces to multiply their capabilities.  The new tear gas is designed to make the seditionists much less likely to demonstrate when they know that a long night of retching, vomiting and wheezing is ahead.  This riot gear should have been in place from the start.  We just didn’t know. Ziad