August 12, 2011- Let’s get back to that fool’s errand of an article composed by the illustrious professional liar Anthony Shadid.  I want to concentrate on Thursday’s SIGNS OF DOUBT ON ASSAD GOVERNMENT GROW AS A SYRIAN CRACKDOWN CONTINUES,  August 11, 2011.  He reports that 41 “former” Baathists took a step that would have been unthinkable…not long ago.  Well! Former Baathists, eh?  Who is the hell cares about former Baathists?  I am a former Baathist, but quit about 15 years ago.  Who in the hell cares about me? 

But the kicker is Muhammad Salman.  I met Mr. Salman twenty years ago.  He was removed by Dr Assad as Information Minister shortly after he became president because he was not close to the new president and was viewed with some suspicion. He was replaced by Adnan Umran. His former summer home in Slinfeh, a palatial house, close to my father-in-law’s home, was siezed by the government after Mr. Salman was charged with corruption.  I used to walk by the house and wonder what ever happened to Muhammad Salman?  Now, I know.  He wound up in an article by that nincompoop, Anthony Shadid.  In the article, Shadid, never to be outdone when it comes to the use of misinformation, describes Salman as one with “deep connections to the leadership closest to Mr. Assad.”  Now I know that Shadid is an Arak addict who can’t keep his facts straight. 

This made-up story came directly from Shadid’s handlers.  Salman couldn’t walk into a Baath monthly meeting even if he tried.  He is finito.  I can only tell you now who SHADID WORKS FOR.

THE SAUDI-HARIRI connection to the NYT is clear.  A friend with whom I just spoke stated that Shadid is a supected Hariri agent who gets paid by Saudi money to malign Syria in an effort to geek the Syrian government into believing it is targeted for something devastating, even though chimerical.  Shadid is operating as a spy for the pro-zionist Saudi intelligence service run by another member of the “royal” family who harbors a vicious attitude toward Iran.  Shadid, who is a greedy, rabid little mutt, gladly accepts money from the Saudis and writes articles the Slavic-Neo-Zionist miscreants at the NYT and Foggy Botton lap up like beer-laced milk. 

HE HAS BEEN EXPOSED.  You now know what he is.  I AM CALLING UPON SYRIA TO DENY HIM ENTRY INTO THE COUNTRY FOR ANY PURPOSE.  I am calling upon the Lebanese government to revoke his visa.  I am calling upon M.P. AS’AAD HARDAN to take up the matter.  This weasel and his wife must be distanced from the area and denied access to areas where they can acquire locative credibility.

I am also calling upon the Syrian government to arrest Louayy Hussein for treason and collaboration with the enemy.  All those who are confederates of seditionists must be arrested and tried for treason.  Once convicted, their sentence should be a life-term without chance for pardon or parole in the Syrian Correctional System.  Rami Abdel-Rahman of the Syrian Observatory (sic) for Human Rights cannot be arrested and tried, not because he’s in England, but because he doesn’t exist. 

Others who are arrested and demonstrate no compunction, should be trained rigorously for the agonies awaiting them in the fires of Hell.  Ziad Abu Fadel.