August 18, 2011 – My experience with the BBC last Tuesday left a few crumbs of dissatisfaction.  What I am trying to say is that the forum which was to discuss Syrian unrest was curiously mixed with a race to finish, technical problems which prevented me from participating fully and the moderator’s defined position on the subject.  I really felt that the moderator, Sebastian,  entertained some bigoted notions about Syria and its government.

But this is not the first time this kind of insight has occurred.  I note that all major news sources have a set statement about the 1982 siege of Hama.  I have told you before and I’ll say it again that I was there in February 1982 and in the fall of 1983.  I was an actual eyewitness to the events in Hama and I can recall with some preciosity (muddled by time, of course) how they played out.  I know for example that the number of dead between civilians, soldiers and muslim fanatics was no more that 4,000.  Yet, the NYT, the BBC and everyone else keeps giving figures starting from 10,000 upwards.  Liar Anthony Shadid doesn’t have any idea of Hama’s statistics but continues to write anything to disparage the Syrian government of General Hafez Al-Asad.  Even though I have told these people in numerous E-mails that they are dead wrong,  they ignore the information and continue printing what is clearly false without regard to the ethical standards for quality journalism. 

The BBC is no different.  Sebastian wanted desperately to hear how bad the Assad administration was and how brutal the army’s crackdown.  When a man from Syria, a recent arrival to the U.K. told him that the army was absolutely right to come down hard on the demonstrators and armed gangs, Sebastian would have none of it.  He tried to get the man to say, at the very least, that the army was overreacting.  This was pure rubbish and a shameful effort by the BBC to influence the direction of how the facts are presented by guests.  It was BBC as propaganda source.

The BBC has also avoided discussion of Christianity in Syria.  In constant discussions with so-called area experts,  the BBC’s reportage from Latakia, at least, demonstrates that the experts don’t even know that the city is inhabited mostly by Sunnis and Christians.  Alawis, while numerous along the Syrian littoral, have not moved into Latakia in such numbers so as to affect the demographics of the city.  But “Christians” sounds too familiar and their support of Dr. Assad’s government makes the case all that much harder to advance in Christian Europe, especially when you’re trying to bark at the command of your American master.

It is so tiring to have to defend the obvious.  The western press, which works in tandem with intelligence agencies or ministries in order to secure sources of information, seems to be playing a game designed to weaken the resolve of the Syrian government.  They seem to be succeeding, however, in only one area: spooking other countries into thinking that the Syrian government is being spooked.  I can assure the world that Dr. Assad, Syrian people, the army and all other branches of Syrian society are not spooked at all…and that the western plan to wrench Syria away from Iran, Hizbollah and its historically grounded ideology in Pan-Arabism has been a complete failure.  Today, as I write to you,  Latakia is being completely purged of the armed thugs, Palestinians, Syrians and Jordanians.  When this is over, there may be some demonstrations here and there, but there will be no more shooting at soldiers or militia or security personnel.  The demonstrations will die out and Syria will be the better for it. 

Efforts to break Syria financially have also met with abject failure.  Syria has no debt, and with sizeable currency reserves coupled with backing from wealthy allies like Iraq, Iran, Venezuela and Brazil,  the country defeated the West’s plans to bring her to her knees.  Barak Obama is a failed president because he can’t think anything through to a rational conclusion.  Such is the case with Syria. We had an opportunity to have Syria in our corner to fight international terrorism, but lost that same opportunity because our foreign policy is not ours but zionism’s. We have a president who can’t bear to lose one dollar from his jewish supporters and so,  he continues his corrupt drive to bankrupt our country financially and morally.  Ziad Abu Fadel