August 12, 2011 – The INTERNATIONAL HYPOCRITE OF THE YEAR AWARD FOR 2011 IS NOW CLEARLY THE PROPERTY OF P.M. DAVID CAMERON.  His articulate vituperations on all things Syrian made him the doyen of Neo-Con zionist creeps and onanistic faux-Christian dunderheads.  Why he sounded almost as sincere as that Tony Blair for whom an Annual Award has now been memorialized:  THE TONY BLAIR ANNUAL LIAR’S AWARD.   But DAVID CAMERON, is so much more distinctive.

We here at SyrianPerspective condemn the savage tactics and brutal crushing of dissent in England.  Thuggish bobbies and brutish Scotland Yard security people must stop the violent suffocation of dissenting voices and demands for greater equalitarianism in English society.  It is no wonder that Mr. Cameron is now being unfavorably compared to JOSEPH STALIN.  We also demand an investigation into crimes against humanity perpetrated by Cameron and his staff of bully-boys.  We also demand that England be placed under international sanctions regime for its unprecedented assault on human rights against its own people. 

It is with this that we now DECLARE the establishment of the ENGLISH LAVATORY FOR HUMAN RIGHTS as a sister organization to the SYRIAN OBSERVATORY (SIC) FOR HUMAN RIGHTS.  The similarities are amazing:  our one and only coordinator does not really exist either.  His name is Marvin Fattouche.  Mr. Fattouche is on the phone now contacting imaginary informants in England who are reporting with regularity that English security people are beating citizens in the street and carrying their bodies off to unknown locales, no doubt for a good English drubbing.  Some will, obviously, not return.

We demand that Turkish P.M., Recep Tayyip Erdoghan condemn English brutality and send his F.M. Davutoghlu immediately to London to express the Turkish people’s revulsion at the sight of white British soldiers clubbing innocent muslim citizens.  Please Mr. Erdoghan,  get involved. 

And we demand that Bilary Fat-hams Clinton immediately withdraw out ambassador from the Court of St. James to express our regret at the sight of U.K. citizens being crushed by the weight of institutionalized bigotry.  David Cameron must not be allowed to travel to the U.S.A.  Ziad Abu Fadel.