August 21, 2011 – It is a joyous day.  Dr. Assad’s speech to the Syrian people on Syrian state tv is a clear indication that the jihadist criminals in the SAR have been routed, arrested, interrogated and soon, hopefully, remanded to Judge Fadhil Al-Mehdawi for trial and sentencing. 

I suspect that Dr. Assad/’s speech will not reach the high notes I like when a leader stuns his enemies with his epee’s rapid thrust-and-parry leading to that moment of exhiliration when the foe is on his knees clutching his vest, fresh blood streaming through his trembling fingers and that pale, disdainful look of rue-filled woe impressed upon his once-arrogant visage.  When other children were taking courses in speech, oratory, rhetoric or public speaking,  our good doctor was studying anatomy and zoology. 

All right, so he’s not Al-Hajjaj Ibn Yusuf;  but his victory over the American-British-Saudi sponsored societal sewage which has caused us no paucity of grief for the hundreds of thousands of merchants and businessmen in Syria,  gives us that sunlit moment when we realize that the storm was not all that tempestuous or even threatening – it was, after all, a summer squall that lit down and was swallowed by the earth.  The garbage has been carried away by the good sanitation people, on time, and before the summer temperatures caused any olfactory embarrassments.

Syrian army reservists, who performed brilliantly after proper orientation in riot-management, are being released back to civilian life.  Syria’s four army groups are intact and ready to defend the homeland.  Iraq has shown that it is not an agent of the West, but still, one of the Arab World’s most enduring identities.  Iran was unbending in her support of Syria, in ways that cannot even be revealed.  Russia and China did not bend.  Brazil and Venezuela were stalwart. Sadly, the Lebanese at the U.N. were, as always, something akin to fertilizer or that curious, malodorous melange of refuse found in compost heaps.  It was Fouad Boo Hoo Hoo Siniora Redux. 

Most importantly,  this writer learned that you can’t just vote for a man because he is uniquely tinted or because he claims to be different.  In the world of the American presidency,  Mr. Obama proved himself no better than Mr. Bean; clumsy, stiff and without the ability to reflect.  David Cameron, smug little twerp, carrys on the tradition of Tony Blair: “when in England, do as the Americans do”.  I really wish Gordon Brown was still the PM.  There is no way he would have been suckered by the fat lady at Foggy Bottom into swallowing this fast-food American special dished out against Syria.  Brown would have sullenly gone home for some haggis and, later,  spotted dick.

The American-English-Saudi strategy has now crystallized in a way that only a fatheaded neo-con could fail to see.  The media, BBC, ABC, NYT, WP, inter alia, were known to be dying for information due to an actual inability to cover the Syrian unrest directly.  MI6 created the Syrian Observatory (sic) for Human Rights which is populated by one person who calls himself Rami Abdelrahman.  The CIA, never to be outstripped in matters prevaricatory,  developed all kinds of new organizations which promoted “democracy” in Syria.  When my friends were asked if they had ever heard of the “Syrian Initiative for Democracy”, they would pause and look at me the way a Brooklynite looks at a person wearing a turban.

The Saudis bought out Prince DRUM SON OF DOUBLE-DRUM HUSBAND OF MADAME BANANA, RULER OF GUTTER, and started feeding the BBC-trained staff at Al-Jazeera the kind of information that the BBC intself was dying to get.  The only problem was that Al-Jazeera’s reporting was all fabrication.  The Saudis did better than that, too:  they financed the salafist-takfiri-jihadist excrement who were given standing orders to organize the young men who are most religious from the Sunni denomination and get them in the streets.  This, while the Saudi intelligence directorate was trying feebly to smuggle weapons into Syria via, first Iraq (no go), Jordan (failed completely) and then, Turkey.  The Turks didn’t like Syrian asylum seekers in the first place and didn’t abide terrorists either.  Lebanon, through Saudi incestuous spawn, Saad Hariri, tried to get weapons across the Bekaa into Syria.  The few who tried are still regretting the entire enterprise.

Dr. Assad’s speech is coming up at 2:00 p.m. our time in Michigan.  I have to go to watch it.  I really hope he surprises me with a gung-ho, fist-pounding oratorical masterpiece.  Anyways, I am glad the side of progress and secularism has won decisively.  I hope the losers all go to a burning hell.  I hope that overweight, Italian blowhard pedophile Berlusconi,  stays away from our girls.  Ziad Amin Abu Fadel, Esq.