Germany and France, Stalwarts for the Preservation of Human Life, What a Joke

August 6, 2011- Angela Merkel, hog-fat spiritual sister of Madame Bilary Fat-Hams Clinton has denounced Syria for “indiscrimate” shooting of citizens (read: Salafist Scum).  So has NICOLAS MAGYAR CUCKOLD SARKOZY.  Even the U.S. has joined in the oratorical feeding frenzy.  So what?

Germany, if I remember correctly, gave us the 58 million dead war.  The French, who have nothing to be proud of, have to wonder how many Algerians they murdered to keep their colonial possession in tow.  It was over a million.  I remember reading Bel-Kassem Krim’s memoirs about the savage French occupation. It was horrifying.  Now, we have the Syrian government, diffidently trying to suppress this mini-revolt by a few salafist barnacles left over from 1982.  Dr. Assad must order the full weight of the Syrian Army’s power unleashed on them in a way that a lesson will be etched in the psyche of every traitor who ever considers this kind of open sedition again.  He must transfer the “Unrest Portfolio” to Lt. General Dawood Rajiha or anyone who has the termperament of Al-Hajjaj Ibn Yusuf Al-Thaqafi. The merchants of Syria and all professionals are waiting for this. If the Kaaba has been destroyed before, then Hama can be brought down without sin.  Let it happen.  Now!  ZAF