August 17, 2011 – I just got back from the library where I read most journals and newspapers on a daily basis.  I am pleased to inform you that the NYT has finally stopped sending me their tabloid.  And I don’t have to pay for that slavic-zionist rag any more.  I just read it for free at the library.

Shadid, Prince of Liars, wrote an article today with Isabel Kirshner, Slavic-Zionist stooge hag, about the Al-Raml al-Filastini refugee mini-camp-turned-suburb with such zest for prevarication that it is clear he will not be outdone by anyone in his quest for the Tony Blair International Liar’s Award. (Incidentally, the King of Liars is Tony Blair himself).

As always, he does the bidding of his zionist masters.  He quotes only people he is certain will diss Syria. He skews all facts against Syria.  For example, he quotes this Christopher Gunness character of the U.N. who is not in Syria and who seems to interpret the evacuation of the camp as something negative.  Why can’t people understand that the Syrian army encourages evacuation of civilians when they could be in the line of danger?  The army told the civilians to leave so that they could mop up the criminals.  Just like, Jisr Al-Shughour, they will come back to their homes in this suburb of Latakia once it is safe for them. 

He also quotes Yasser Abed Rabbo, former PDFLP mole and informer for the Shin Beth Zionist torture agency. This weasel had the audacity to refer to the cleansing of the camp as “a crime against humanity”.  Where were you, Miscreant, when these criminals were killing Syrian civilians and security personnel with guns supplied by treasonous Palestinian salafists?  Nabil Abu Rudeineh, spokesman for that merd-like buffoon and zionist collaborator, Mahmoud Abbas, said brilliantly:  “It is unacceptable, we cannot accept it.”  Zowie! What an eloquent appraisal of the situation.  You have to admit, Shadid really knows how to pick a quote.

Even funnier is the quote from one Ahmed Bogdash, f/k/a Ahmet Hogwash, who allegedly says to Shadid: “The residents of Raml will rally the same day the army pulls out.  They are poor and they have nothing to lose.”  Really, nothing to lose?  How about their lives? This fake straw man doesn’t know the Raml camp.  It has rich Palestinians in it who would never abide the presence of disease-spreading takfiris and salafists.
If this man said what he said from Syria (which is almost impossible because even Syrians aren’t that stupid), he should be arrested and charged with spreading lies to injure the Syrian nation.  That’ll get him about seven years in the delightful world of Adra Prison. 

I am calling on the Lebanese or the Cypriots (where I think liar Shadid hides at night)  to arrest microbe-spreading Shadid and give him to the Syrian Air Force Intelligence Bureau.  They know how to deal with garbage.  Tomorrow, I am going to discuss BBC bigotry.  The English are going way too far and its time their ignorance concerning Syria is exposed.   Ziad Abu Fadel.