August 25, 2011 – This is my third post today.  Just off the phone with my brother-in-law in Latakia.  He’s been wanting to go to Slinfeh for a few weeks but can’t get up to the mountains because of his children.  Oh, well.  He says on the telephone that the demonstrations are fizzling out.  Even with the fat little zombies from the UN sternly applying their incompetence and the dunderheaded American ambassador skulking around the foothills of the Houran, no one believes that the demonstrators are accomplishing anything.  They have failed miserably.  Cities like Banias, Dera’a, Latakia, Jisr Al-Shughour, Izra’a and others have become pacified.  Once again, I must compliment the Syrian Army Reserves for a brilliant performance – imposed power with restraint – I like that.  My brother-in-law says that the number of salafist captured is not all that much.  They were mostly concentrated in the east of the country and percolated into the west after they were routed.  Their last stand was Taabiyyat, a quarter in the city of Latakia.  Their fate is sealed.  Hell will hold no surprises for them.

According to my brother-in-law,  the UN team is meeting mostly inbred retardate Syrian provincials whose personal hygiene is one notch above that of orangutans.  This exposure to essentially domesticated farm animals can have an effect similar to “dread” as described by Heidegger.  The so-called “activists” who provide the lies which keep scum like Anthony Shadid working and writing must be in a state of horror with the UN dweeb-dwarfs getting the impression that the entire uprising in Syria is the work of trolls.  They have been shown evidence of the criminals using weapons on soldiers so that any impression they might have of peaceful demonstrations being the norm is quickly erased. 

The Italian Embassy in Washington just sent me an oral nastygram rejecting the LORD GRAYBEARD PEDOPHILE AWARD  which was bestowed on ITALIAN PRIME MINISTER SILVIO BERLUSCONI by our committee the day before yesterday.  The Italian vice-counsel stated that he believed the young Moroccan girl was of age even though the difference between the p.m and the “little tart” was around 65 years!  He condemned our blogsite as the work of Syrian fascistii, elitist atheist anarchists,  and Yankee perverts.  He finished the diatribe with what I think was: “eh, uah, fungu”.  Or something like that.

The committee has not been shaken from its conviction that SILVIO BERLUSCONI is the deserving recipient of this award for his service to GERIATRIC PEDOPHILIA.  Congratulations again, Silvio.