September 1, 2011 – IRAN’S TUDEH PARTY.   Like a prophet of old, a Tiresias, if you like, I want to warn some of the idealistic dissidents who are treating gamely with the Muslim Brotherhood and the other salafist criminals hiding out in the very tight and damp interstices of European treachery:  Remember what happened to the Tudeh Party in Iran!  The communists there, idealistic and completely committed to a new society, partnered with Khomeini’s ilk and wound up being exterminated!  Just a lesson from history.  There is still time for some of the dissidents without blood on their hands or their treason not having unfolded into full erubescent bloom, to come forward and declare themselve stalwarts in the war against backwardness and reaction.  There is little time as the Syrian Army is cleaning up the rabid dogs.  So little time left for you. 

AMNESTY REPORT:  CNN, one of the worlds premier purveyors of fluff and irresponsible journalism, reported on Amnesty International’s latest expose on alleged torture-deaths in Syria.  The article had a photo of Ali Farzat in his hospital bed trying to look all beaten up.  Notwithstanding the fact that Mr. Farzat was given a good drubbing by a gang of young men who picked him up at the ungodly hour of 4:00 a.m. in Damascus,  his is not the Amnesty International story.  But they put the picture in anyway even though it was irrelevant to the content of what followed.  This means that CNN is becoming, also, an instrument for the spread of propaganda and their editors are not worthy of the title: journalist.

Amnesty’s report is so filled with questionable data that I can no longer promise them any financial support.  I have contacted friends in the legal profession whom I know gave generously and asked them to discontinue their membership.  Some have promised to send no more money.  Here are my reasons.

Amnesty’s report, besides being strangely timed for release just as the Syrian government is annihilating the salafist criminals,  is constructed in a way that brings shame upon their staff and the “experts” from whom they seek advice.  They claim to have received photo and video evidence of victims from victim’s families without questioning the time-gap between when the bodies were received and the time the videos were filmed.  What is puzzling is how Amnesty accepts the suspicious scenario of the Syrian government turning over to a family the body of a tortured relative.  This is not how the Syrian government does things.  The evidence seems to indicate a high probability of post-mortem mutilation in order to stir the sympathies of organizations like Amnesty.  The Syrian authorities are absolutely certain that a cadaver with signs of torture would be likely to cause increased animosity.  This is precisely why they would never do such a thing.  It is a signal that once respectable organizations like Amnesty are now being manipulated into publishing reports that amount to pure rubbish.

To be fair, Amnesty admits that physiological analysis by photographs is not dispositive.  Their so-called “experts”, whoever they are, are not able to state with any certainty the cause of death or the etiology of any particular sign observed on the body of a dead person in a photograph or video.  Any forensic physician has to be at a clinically valid point in order to give proper diagnosis and analysis.  As an attorney working in the field of criminal defence for 31 years in Michigan,  I have had numerous cased involving doctors trying to deterimine the origins of suspicious marks on a child in cases involving abuse.  In every instance, when the doctor was called upon to testify,  he or she has admitted that he/she could not make any findings based on photographic evidence. They needed to see the victim and question him or her regarding the background for the presence of markings suggesting violence.  Amnesty has failed to present any evidence worthy of consideration.  Amnesty does not even disclose the names of its so-called “experts” so that a reader can determine whether he or she is even qualified to give opinions in such matters.  This is a show-trial in the form of a kangaroo court convened by the once-respected Amnesty International.

I believe in my gut that Amnesty brought this report out at this time only because the UK and the US wanted to ratchet up pressure on the Syrian government.  Unless Amnesty received this evidence “ALL AT ONCE”, they certainly had plenty of time to disclose accusations when they had TWENTY cases of suspected torture-death.  The late release of this report supports my theory that Amnesty has been dragged into the world of ‘WAG THE DOG” propaganda orchestrated by Obama’s moronic zionist traitors in Washington.
Losing Amnesty as an objective source for information on the fate of political prisoners around the world is sad.  I still ask the question though:  WHERE WERE YOU WHEN MANUEL NORIEGA WAS TAKEN PRISONER BY THE US AND TRIED AS A POLICAL PRISONER?  

NICOLAS SARKOZY –  The Magyar Cuckold president of France made some threatening remarks yesterday about Syria.  Oh, he barked out some kind of apology for the lassitude of the UNSC in issuing  meaty sanctions against the Syrian government.  Tsk. Tsk.  What can you do, Mr. Sarkozy?  You, like your British allies to the north, have colluded with the US for so many decades to marginalise Syria and deprive her of significant trade with Europe to such an extent that you have no leverage.  Get it through your stubborn Hunnish head that you have nothing.  If you think Syria is like Libya, please send your one pathetic little aircraft carrier within range of Syria’s Yakhont missiles or her silkworms.  Send your jets into Syrian airspace and lets see what we do with your bailed-out pilots caught on Syrian soil.  No opportunity will be passed up to prove the superiority of Levantine cooking.  And if you try to use force,  well,  then we are back to those bitter memories of your stinking country’s mandate and how the people of Syria flushed you out like so much detritus.  We have ten thousand Jules Jammals waiting for you on the coast.  YOU HAVE NOTHING, MONSIEUR SARKOZY.

ADNAN BAKKOUR was kidnapped in Hama along with his driver and two colleagues last Tuesday and the incident was reported by his family with the urgent request that he be rescued as soon as possible. I BELIEVE THAT THIS STORY MAY NOT HAVE AN HAPPY ENDING FOR HIS FAMILY.  The reason for my fears is that he was abducted by takfiri insurgents who had hid in safehouses in Hama.  The video-taping of his denunciation of the Syrian government is very similar in style to many tapes in Iraq of American or English victims, clothed in orange jumpsuits, awaiting decapitation on camera.  I think of that unfortunate young jewish American who left his family’s comfortable home in Pennsylvania in order to make some money in post-bellum Iraq.  His name, I believe, was Paul Berg.  I genuinely fear for the life of Adnan Bakkoush and his companions. I fear for anyone who falls into the hands of these fake Muslims, these savages.

OBAMA, PATHETIC MOTIONS:  I can no longer defend this wasted man.  I don’t care about whether he is a Muslim (I’m very secular) or whether he was really born in Hawaii, as he claims.  I fear that his deficits are more pernicious than that.  He and his administration have now begun to plumb the depths of man’s most vast reservoir of humbuggery.  Witness the inclusion of Dr. Buthayna Shaaban on the US sanctions list.  Dr. Shaaban, if you can still remember her, was the public face of the Presidential Palace in Damascus. She spoke decent accented English but with a somewhat dour mien.  She acted as though she feared losing her job if she visibly demonstrated any delight at being with reporters or dignitaries. She fell out of favour months ago when the unrest began.  She has not been seen since. 

Buthayna Shaaban’s demise is due to the fact that she wanted guarantees that her pronouncements in the future would not be countermanded by other officials.  Because the situation in Syria, at the time, was fluid, no one could give her those kinds of  guarantees.  She was phased out.  To list her on the Treasury Department’s “untouchable list” is proof of both the zionist character of that department (Mr. Cohen) and the pathetically bankrupt policies of this do-nothing president.  Even poor Walid Mouallem, Syria’s foreign minister, is on the list although he is literally doing nothing.  Syria’s ambassador to Lebanon is also included on the list.  What his role is in anything is locked in the emptiness of Mr. Obama’s teeming brain.  Who knows!  In any case, for those of you who think that this is an earth-shaking event, remember: Syria’s officials, to a man and a woman,  are divested of any interest in American banks, companies or assets.
Thank you Obama for another meaningless gesture. 

Great news: Autralia’s Syrian community is lobbying to have Al-Jazeera removed from the countries satellite television because it is delivering fake reports and fabricated news.  Finally.  I wish we could do the same thing here.  In Dearborn, no one watches Al-Jazeera or Al-Arabiyya for the same reasons. I’d still like to see those dishonest miscreants exported to oblivion.

LATE BREAKING NEWS FROM MERCURY SERVICE:  The Emir of Gutter, Prince Drum Son of Doubledrum Husband of Madame Banana has exploded in a German clinic near Dusseldorf.  It appears that German doctors could not control his inflationary tendencies and he “blew up like the Hindenburg”, said one German officer assigned to his personal detail.  In truth, he blew up like William the Bastard, King of England who conquered the island in 1066. German doctors are now trying to put Humpty-Dumpty together again. Rumours are that the explosion was caused by reports that Dr. Assad went out with his family to a local Damascus eatery for Ramadan breakfast and was seen smiling and joking with the waitstaff.  The prince’s wife, Madame Banana, exclaimed to reporters outside the clinic, the Krankhaus fur Zaftiges Zeppelinen, that her husband cannot handle any more news of people calling Al-Jazeera “toilet names” or Syrians referring to him on their newscasts as “Prince Fatty Carbuncle”.  Ziad Amin Abu Fadel.









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