September 27, 2011 – Well its garbage pick-up day here and so it is also in Al-Rastan where Syrian forces are also picking up the illiterate trash in the streets.  We know what’s going on in Al-Rastan and how jihadists are moving from that city to Homs in an effort to escape the inevitable net being thrown around them.  But today, the jihadists have been caught and are surrounded.  Infantry supported by tanks have encircled the garbage making it impossible for the stinking jihadist scum to wiggle their way out.  I have no source in Al-Rastan, an almost exclusively Sunni city, which is also the birthplace of Lt. General Mustafa Tlas, former defense minister of Syria.  General Tlas, Abu Firas to his friends, has suffered some heart ailments resulting in his having a monitor placed inside his chest cavity.  His daughter, Sarya, used to live here in our area before she divorced a man from the Tlays family of Ali-Nahri, remarried a Lebanese chiropractor and then, relocated to Damascus.  Before she left, we talked about her dad and his medical problems.  In any case, General Tlas has not said anything about the unrest in Al-Rastan, even after some properties belonging to his family were trashed by the “freedom-loving, peaceful, pro-democracy activists” of that town. I don’t know why Ambassador Robert Ford (Egon Krenz Award laureate) did not visit Al-Rastan where we could have joined forces by exposing the traitors in the city and nipping the whole thing in the bud.  Come on, Mr. Ford, you can do it!  Generals Mamlouk, Zeitoun, Hassan, Qudsiyyeh, inter alia, are all waiting for your next triumph.  Let’s get down to it, Ambassador Ford!

It’s an old story.  The theme of selling your soul to the devil is about as ancient as a brother killing a brother. Goethe made it really famous, but others also dabbled in the theme of insatiable greed or lust for knowledge. Christopher Marlowe wrote a play.  Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore made a movie called “Bedazzled”. Mickey Rourke made a film called “Angel Heart”.in which the devil played by Robert DeNiro stalks a man who signed a contract to sell his soul in exchange for stardom.  Angel Heart was a depressing thriller containing only one line of humor.  That is how it should be.

Barack Obama, in the dark nave of his White House lair, has made a pact with Lucifer no different than that of Dr. Faustus.  The prize in this narrative is the retention of power even for a miserable four years.  The soul, such a fragile, almost ethereal commodity, is viewed by many as priceless.  But to a man without the ability to reflect, it is exactly that – a commodity.  If only for another four years!  To give my soul to those whose loyalty is to another state.  To sell myself for power and glory, even if evanescent.  The trade is a lopsided one.  I mean, four years as president of the U.S. with the promise of an eternity in the flames of Hell.  All he has to do is listen to the whisperings of the devil and act upon his every command.  Veto resolutions condemning Israeli settlement-building in the West Bank even though that is established American policy.  Veto a Palestinian state even if that is Obama’s stated policy.  Ignite sectarian warfare in the Levant even if that woluld be contrary to American secular ideology.  At every level, this shameless anti-christ has exposed his contract for all the world to see.  His end will be in the dark eternity of unquenchable fire. And that is as it should be.

I’m getting close to my trip to Syria and Lebanon.  I have so many things to do before I leave.  Hunting season is coming up soon.  Fall is around the corner with absolutely startling changes in the color of leaves, so ephemeral, really, with no chance to wallow in the beauty of it all.  Ziad A. Fadel