September 30, 2011 – He was pelted with tomatoes and eggs.  That’s all?  I am amazed at how the Syrian government is putting up with his sedition.  I know he’s helped Syria to find terrorists by simply going to places where the rats come out to greet him, and in so doing, expose themselves to the cameras and ears of the security people. That is why we awarded him the EGON KRENZ MEMORIAL AWARD FOR SERVICE TO SYRIAN SECURITY.  But he is a rare kind of scum.  He is not acting like a diplomat, but, instead, like an agent provocateur – stirring up passions when he should be calming them.  I think he should be hanged.  He doesn’t speak Arabic very well, by the way.  I’ve heard him struggle with the language and he’s not tv ready.  He is fluent only in the opinion of our State Department where the standards are really low. 

What’s the big deal with Al-Rastan, notorious Alawi-hating center of universal ignorance?  There are some teeny-weeny deserters holed up in it with sniping rifles, and they are being liquidated.  Their’s is not a pleasant end, but one resolved in the purifying flames of a blast furnace.  Their bodies should be cremated and ground into fine dust then delivered to Aeolus himself.  They are traitors with no excuses.  They must not have a death with a gravestone to remind us that they existed.