September 13, 2011 – My wife spoke to her sister in Aleppo, Georgette, and confirmed that her other sister, Samira Halloul, went to Deir El-Zor last Thursday to see her daughter whose husband works in that city.  While the Syrian “activists” and “human rights organizations” were bellyaching about demonstrations in Deir El-Zor, Samira reported that nothing had taken place there.  If the BBC and the NYT, inter alia, want more proof that they have been either bamboozled by these salafist traitors or exposed by my reports, better look carefully at the lies you have been conveying to the public.  This is my first post today.  I am experimenting to see if someone is trying to sabotage my blogsite.  I have a friend involved in forensics coming over to check the system.  Let’s hope I’m wrong.  Ziad