September 6, 2011 – My good friend Yasser A. has returned from Mashghara, Lebanon after a long two month trip.  He sat with me last Friday, as I was having my oil changed before the trip up north, and we discussed the situation in both Lebanon and Syria.  He said he went to Damascus about three times during the trip in order to buy gifts and goods for his family.  That begged the question: Did you see anything unusual?  His answer was direct and honest.  Although he saw nothing of any significance on his way from Mashghara to Damascus, he heard of incidents taking place elsewhere in the country.  It was hard to tell how people were getting this kind of information when everything seemed so calm.  He also had lunch in Zabadani which some news channels reported had been the scene of demonstrations against the government.  Yasser remarked that you could not tell anything happened in Zabadani.  People were friendly and anxious to make money off tourists.  All his trips to Damascus were uneventful. 

If the BBC reporters watched Syrian TV, they would pick up on the following facts: 

1. Russia has found NATO’s fingers in the gun-running taking place in Syria;
2. Syria has captured many terrorists who have confessed to trading in guns;  One terrorist, Khaawandi, describes his involvement through Turkey with extreme detail;
3. Another terrorist, Ahmad Al-Maleeh, describes how he was paid 200,000 Syrian lira to kill one     innocent demonstrator in Der’aa so as to blame it on the Syrian government;
4. Two brothers from the Al-Hamuw family, describe acts against Syrian institutions in the Hama area.
5. The conspiracy against Syria is being met with a full spectrum of counter-measures, some from Russia, some from Iran and some home-grown.  The NATO conspiracy is falling apart.  Al-Jazeera, as a news source, is falling apart. Secular Sunnis, Christians, Ismailis, Alawis, Druzes have won the day.  The Muslim Brotherhood has lost another battle.  Ziad Abu Fadel, Esq.