Wednesday, September 14, 2011 – Gutter’s (a/k/a Qatar) foreign minister, Hamad ibn Jassem Al-Thani joined the chorus of Peninsular apes yesterday in demanding that the Syrian government stop the “killing machine”.  He wants the Syrian army to withdraw from cities so that the salafist terrorists can properly organise the weapons smuggled to them by Gutter’s PRINCE DRUM SON OF DOUBLEDRUM HUSBAND OF MADAME BANANA, KING ABDALLAH THE COMATOSE OF ARABIA and that clumsy, awkward issue of former PM Rafik Hariri.  Isn’t he clever?  Gosh. All we need is to pull police, security and army out of the cities of Homs and Hama and watch the peace process begin.  It’s so easy I’m amazed no one thought of it before!  You have to thank those nightshirt-clad Arabians for all that creativity throughout the ages.  Syria has rejected the Arab League’s death wish and called it “inimical”. 

On Monday, September 12, 2011, the NYT published an op-ed piece ostensibly written by royal family spook, American-stooge-diplomat, zionist collaborator and now, Chairman of (hold your breath) the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies, PRINCE TURKEY AL-FAISAL, son of the assassinated former king of Arabia for whom the center is eponomously named and brother of Saud Al-Faisal, the twitchy, itchy, quirky FM of the Saudi Oligarchy. In his rollickingly antiseptic prose,  he issues stern warnings to the U.S.:  Do not oppose a new Palestinian state at the U.N. or else!  The “else” is the following:

1.  The relationship between the U.S. and SA will be viewed as “toxic” by the masses;
2.  No more cooperation with the US like before; examples might be taking a hard line against President Al-     Maliki in Iraq;  changing course on policy in Yemen and Afghanistan; beheading American miscreants.
3.  SA, Europe and “moderate” (read backward and traitorous) Arab countries will step in   and coopt  the peace process;

He continues to buttress his position by quoting unnamed “Israeli officials” who conveniently tell unnamed European officials “privately” that “only Saudi Arabia will be able to give the Palestinians the required religious, political and financial legitimacy they need to complete a deal with Israel”.  Of all the made up tommyrot, Anthony Shadid-like horsedroppings, windy bloviations from the Twilight Zone, only this demented drug-soaked simian dwarf could come up with such astutely worded lies.  “Religious” legitimacy???  What is that?  Since when does Jerusalem require the opinions of henna-dyed, cockeyed, pie-eyed jackdaws like that human waste in Arabia?  And “polical legitimacy”?  Anyone who knows the Arab
World is keenly aware that the Saudi Arabians are despised for their dissolute lifestyle, waste of national resources and barbaric behaviour.

He refers to Syria and Iran as pariah states.  Well, what do we call conntries that deny women the right to drive a car or to vote? Countries that lop off a hand for minor larceny?  Behead people for sorcery?  Deny people the privilege of going to the cinema?  Deny people the right to imbibe what liquids they deem appropriate? What do you call a country that denies Christian inhabitants the right to worship in a church?  Pariah states?  Syria is backed by the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, Brazil, India, Venezuela, South Africa, and all of South America.  This rabid dog, traitor to the cause of Palestine and Mossad collaborator has the audacity to question the right of Syria to protect its citizens from the criminals his tribe of in-bred dung beetles sent to her cities. Prince Turki, we stand with Iran in its quest to bring true justice to Palestine.  This means correcting all the wrongs of the past including the betrayal of your flea-bitten ancestors of the Sublime Porte in exchange for a bag of dried dates.  You have no shame. Ziad Abu Fadel.