Setpember 26, 2011 – SECOND POST TODAY – The Turkish Navy has intercepted a Syrian-flagged frigate carrying what the Turks called “weapons”.  Mr. Erdoghan, eager to please his western principals and future EU partners, has trumpeted Turkey’s stance against Syria’s “failure to enact reforms as promised”.  Who is the hell is Erdoghan to extract promises from Syria.  But don’t lets get too far away from the admiralty issue.  We have to thank Mr. Ergoghan for stopping that boat because it was carrying concealed weapons for the Muslim Brotherhood and jihadist’s in Syria.  Syria, for your information, does not get its weapons via Syrian-flagged vessels.  If they come through the Bosporus, they are inevitably Russian-flagged ships or ships of other countries.  Syria, furthermore, manufactures its own light weapons and ground-ground missiles.  If Syria orders new tanks from the Russian Federation, they come via Russian ships with Russian protection.  The Turks don’t mess around with Muscovi.

Look, let’s be realistic.  The Turkish language is a language of Central Asia.  It is not indigenous to Asia Minor with its long history of Greek, Armenian, Aramaic and Kurdish civilizations.  The Turkish tribes came in as Seljuks, mixed with the native populations and accepted Islam as their religion.  The physical appearance of the Turks, their phenoype, is curiously oriental, with slanted eyes and wide faces typical of people of Kazakhstan and so forth.  Yet, because of intermingling with Greeks, inter alia, they claim European pedigree while the very fact of their imposition of Turkish, of all things, on the native populations demonstrate their Asiatic provenience. Since Mr. Erdoghan has become the apple-shining Sick Man of Europe by unfairly criticizing Dr. Assad, I don’t care to conceal anything about the Turks, including the rapacious slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Kurds, Two Million Armenians and 150,000 Syrian Aramaic speaking men, women and children. But thanks, Mr. Erdoghan, for interdicting the flow of weapons to the jihadist murderers who are now being exterminated by the government of Syria.

Do you remember how Anthony Shadid,  Tony Blair International Liar’s Award nominee, and his harridan wife, Nada Bakri,  who surreptitiously enters Syria to interview Damascene citizens, (or so she claims), used to have a by-line every day in the NYT?   Every day, I had to either wince or control laughter when reading his oh-so-sincere colums about Syrian brutality or “fissures in the Syrian” governmental fabric.  Well, today, nothing!  This is pretty consistent with what our relatives are telling us about the situation.  The one troubling phenomenon is the use of arms by the insurrectionist murderers in the ranks of the jihadist uprising.  Syria has been very efficient in preventing arms from coming in, thanks to Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan, all cooperating to prevent illicit smuggling of weapons.  But, still, some arms are either being secured through a mini-industry across Iraq’s or Lebanon’s border, or are being taken from fallen Syrian soldiers. 

Homs and Deir El-Zor are two towns which have taken the lead in absorbing light weapons and using them against the Syrian state. Syria has responded by increasing the number of informers within the two cities and using information cleverly to harry, surround and snuff out the virulent vermin.  In Homs, yesterday, in the Khalidiyya quarter, a skirmish ended with Syrian security personnel taking into custody about eight or nine individuals.  In the meantime, the jihadists are trying to kidnap people, mostly Christian, and killing them.
They are also getting their hands on people who died naturally and then mutilating them to show that the Syrian government had a hand in their torture-deaths.  This is becoming very much a part of the jihadist strategy and has found an ear with the hapless Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the U.N. Commission on Human Rights led by South African-born Chaiwallah Navi Pillay.  She and Ban Ki Mun, make a fine couple. 

Our blogsite is more than just that.  We are a source of information, true, but we are also cognizant of the importance of acknowledging exceptional contributions to such things as LYING (Anthony Shadid), BORING BEHAVIOR (Lady Ashton), HELPING THE SYRIAN GOVERNMENT (Robert Ford), HYPOCRISY (Judge Ocampo and, now, Navi Pillay) and HYPERBOLE (????). The Board of Trustees of SyrianPerspective has met and is prepared to announce the winner of this year’s FRANCOIS RABELAIS HERITAGE PRIZE FOR HYPERBOLE.  The nominees are, the BBC, ALJAZEERA, SHEIKH QARADAWI and HILLARY CLINTON.  All of these deserving institutions and individuals have been informed of their nomination and are, doubtlessly, enduring severe anxiety.  The Mercury News Service has been following up on this signal event in the history of human accomplishment and will be bringing you up-to-the-minute reports of new developments. 

MERCURY NEWS SERVICE REPORT – EXTRA EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT:  From Riyadh, Adelaide Moncrief-Abysmalline reporting.  King Abdallah the Lazy, PROTECTOR OF THE TWO HOLY SANCTUARIES,  has announced that women will be allowed to vote in Saudi Arabia and to run for office!  The capital was flooded today with telegrams thanking the king for bringing Arabia into the 19th Century. U.S. Ambassador, Robert Ford, entrenched in his room at the embassy in Damascus declared Abdallah’s feat “the most significant event in the history of bedouin culture”.  Ambassador Ford, EGON KRENZ PRIZE WINNER FOR AIDING THE SYRIAN GOVERNMENT IN UNCOVERING NESTS OF TRAITORS,  has been called Arabia’s bagman, which he sternly denies.  Today, he is all buttercups and nosegays, fluttering like an hummingbird,  sending multiple telegrams of praise and congratulations to the Saudi people. But there was a dark side to the merriment.

Grand Sheikh Uff Bin Anf Al-Ugabi, condemned the entire idea of women voting, noting that the average Peninsular Arabian male is singularly unsuited for rational thought and “is so immature, and so lazy” that allowing the more inferior gender to vote seems to be “mocking the very firmament under which we live.”  Quoting the Qur’an, Sheikh Uff castigated King Abdallah hinting that the senescent monarch was somewhat senile – “almost infantile and incapable of recognizing his own toe”.  His Majesty’s spokesman, Prince Al-Baleed Ibn Saud Al-Khinnaus said Sheikh Uff was “a remarkable example of how Wahhabism and airplane glue can come together.  Sheikh Uff didn’t get enough milk from his mother’s teat,” he insisted stentoriously. 
Ziad Abu Fadel.






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