September 7, 2011 – SECOND POST TODAY. 

The Palestinians are taking their case to the U.N. for recognition of their state.  It is a foregone conclusion that the General Assembly will declare the Republic of Palestine a reality.  The Security Council is a different matter.  There, the U.S. promised to veto the move.  The Brits and the French are sitting on the fence.  The Brits have a lot to ponder.  Their messy association with Southern Syria during WWII; their inept defence of the autochthonous people of Palestine; their miserable Balfour Declaration granting to Slavic jews some oddball claim to land with which they have no connection but some poorly read, miserably assembled book of hooey written by jews in Hebrew and Aramaic about a jewish god for jewish people.  Their stinking Sykes-Picot Agreement where they divided up the Ottoman Province of Syria and created these gangrenous mini-states which, by turn, serve the interests of the lousy English.  If the Brits side with the U.S., it will be proof that they have not changed one whit. 

If I were Syrian, I’d be opposed to the creation of a Palestinian state.  Although I revel in zionist discomfort, or, indeed, zionist agony,  I do not believe that Palestinians make any sense outside the context of a Natural Syria.  The more we are divided, the weaker we become.  Thus, movement toward greater unity seems to be the commonsensical way to approach this issue.  Palestinian nationalism was created after the 1967 war.  I should know, my father sent me to Jordan that year where I stayed with my aunt Evelyn in Jabal Hussein.
I was also in Jordan and Lebanon in 1968 and saw the proliferation of a repugnant form of teeny-weeny nationalism promoted by people who were simply fed up with Arab incompetence.  But, it wasn’t as though Palestinians were more competent. 

Be that as it may, and don’t let’s argue too much about this, I am opposed to a Palestinian State for all the reasons not listed by the U.S. or the zionist abomination.  I believe that Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Jordan are just SYRIA.  We must work toward this end.  Ziad Abu Fadel