September 16, 2011 – Second post today.  I just saw a picture of that Magyar Cuckold, Nikolas Sarkozy, shaking hands with a Libyan WOG queue of human rubbish arranged for his delectation – a photo-op to send his polls upward in a country whose citizenry now views him as so much bad goulash.  Oh, his smile reminded me of a jailed homosexual being released after arrest for practising sodomy in some Ottoman bath house – and, finally, embracing the throngs of his liberal supporters with a bond receipt in his left hand. With his chum, Baby-Bum-Faced Cameron, at his side, he exuded an aura of triumph as he deftly avoided kissing the veiled women who ululated at his every step.  Oh, will the saints spare us his Hunnish confidence, strutting like the head bantam rooster in a coop populated by defeathered old chickens. What disgrace! To think those “brave” brigades of chicklets gum salesmen, shoe shine boys, tailors and unemployed lawyers fought just to have this sorry duo steal their thunder in a visit to a country without even a leader to greet them. How low are the polls in England and France?             

Although I am opposed to a Palestinian state for reasons completely alien to Obama and Company, I like what the PA is doing in forcing the issue at the Security Council.  The U.S. is understandably concerned that a veto by it would enflame passions across the Arab, Muslim and Latin worlds.  Everyone seems to agree that the Palestinians are a shoo-in for success in the General Assembly.  If that is so, then why does the U.S. want to incur the rage of so many hundreds of millions of people?  Because, Obama is so smart.  You have to understand that he believes he can still get the jewish vote if he does something so pro-“Israeli” that the jewish power-brokers will have no choice but to back him.  Obama thinks he is really loved by jews and that he surprised them with his solid zionist credentials.  Obama is wrong. He has proven himself to be a quack; a grifter with no sense of direction; a smooth-talking scheisster, no better than the Chicago racketeers who spawned him. Everything about him is so false that even zionists retch at the mention of his name.  He’s just a black man who is really enjoying being the Emperor of the Universe – but, regrettably as he leads this country into ruination.  God I rue the day I voted for him.  I hope Rashid Khalidi also rues the day he ever sat with that professional hypocrite. Rashid Khalidi has been stained.

What’s the logic behind America’s veto?  If you listen to that gas-bag Clinton, it’s like this: “we believe that the only way to Palestinian statehood is through negotiations.”  ZOWIE!  Man, you can say what you want about Madame Clinton, but you gotta admit,  when she says something it has the fragrance of meaning. Whaaaa?!! You mean, Palestinians can’t negotiate unless they don’t have a state?  The zionists of Occupied Palestine can’t talk to the Palestinian Arabs or negotiate with them unless they have the status of a non-state? And when will the Palestinians have a state?  If you listen to Benny Mileikowski (a/k/a Netanyahu), you’d think that sitting down forever is all you have to do to keep the zionist wolf away from your door. It is becoming an embarrassment to have any association with American governments these days. 

As a note: do you remember when the U.S. vetoed a resolution declaring zionist settlement-building as illegal in the West Bank?  Sure you do.  Even our allies, France and England voted for the resolution. Russia and China voted for the resolution.  The entire world sees the settlements as illegal!  Only the numbskulls here and the slavic/mongrel zionist movement would vote against it.  I believe that only war can settle this issue. But we have to wait until my Lord, Rukneddin Baybars,  reincarnates and leads us to victory over the foreigners. Deus Le Volt!  Ziad