September 10, 2011 – Some demonstrators have started to call for “international protection”. This is an outright concession of defeat for their salafist, reactionary movement.  Judging by conversations with family members in Latakia yesterday, it appears that the dissenters are being viewed, more and more,  as pests, nothing more.  The reports I get about the size of the demonstrations describe “few” young men leaving their mosque and chanting the same boring, sterile slogans.  The ones who have to work, simply go to their place of employment without regard for the slackers left behind.  Deir El-Zor had some demonstrators come out but the entire affair lasted no more than ten minutes.  This did not stop the BBC from reporting about “hundreds” and “maybe thousands” of people demonstrating.  I won’t see the NYT till later when I go to the library.  I detected the curious absence of the professional lying husband and wife duo, Anthony Shadid and Nada Bakri,  in the last two issues.  I hope they’ve been arrested and transferred to Syrian gaols. I hope they are hanged for their treachery and work in the service of zionism.

Here are some of the names of Al-Jazeera’s journalists who have quit their positions in protest over the lying and misreporting at the network of events in Syria:  Faisal Qassem, Joumana Nammour, Jamil Azar, Ghassan Ben Jeddo, Sami Kuleib.  These people are founders of the Al-Jazeera news network.  They cannot be replaced so easily.  Jamil Azar, a BBC-trained pioneering journalist, will be pure devastation for Prince
Fatso and Madame Banana.  Faisal Qassem hosted a wildly popular talk-show with legendary, contumacious guests throwing shoes and bottles at one another.  Sami Kuleib was a brilliant interviewer with encyclopaedic knowledge.  Ghassan Ben Jeddo, was one of the world’s most highly regarded correspondents.  Joumana Nammour, will be missed because she delivered the news as an anchorwoman with the objectivity of Walter Cronkite.  Of course, she is much prettier.  Only some money-grubbing Palestinian-Jordanian fly-droppings remain at the station probably because Prince Humpty-Dumpty has promised them new suits and tyres. This should not surprise anyone since Palestinians are leaders when it comes to selling their land and nation’s honour to zionists.  The rest of those who remain at Al-Jazeera are mostly sludge and refuse from the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt and Tunisia.

Dr. Buthaina Shaaban, who has been resurrected from early retirement as one of Dr. Assad’s chief advisors,  is going to Russia to meet President Medvyedev.  The Mercury News Service reported recently that she attempted suicide after learning that the Americans had placed her on their blacklist and threatened to confiscate her assets.  She is now much better after having learned that she had no assets to seize and that her reputation had in fact undergone a “big up-click” after being placed on America’s hate-list.  Today, she goes to Moscow with the full trust of all loyal Syrians who look forward to her bringing back Russian assurances of continued support for the annihilation of reactionary seditionists, uneducated street-urchins claiming revolutionary credentials and sectarian, anti-minoritarian bottom-feeding miscreants. 

I think the Russians are no longer concerned about the outcome in Syria.  Their greatest fear was the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood which inevitably acts as a conduit for British and American interests.  The threat to the Syrian government is over and done with.   The Russians want warm water ports in the Mediterranean which Syria should gladly reaffirm.  But there may be more on the agenda than meets the eye.  I think Russia wants to discuss Iran.  It may be that the Russians have information they want to share with Syria about Iran and the ripples of dissent within the government in Teheran.  The Russians usually do not discuss matters of critical importance over the telephone or by electronic transmission.  The Americans have made such efforts extremely dangerous because of the software deployed today at so many listening posts.  Direct communication is the best way to avoid eavesdropping. That being said, I also believe that Russia will be discussing strategy at the U.N.  Whatever the case,  no military delegation is accompanying Dr. Shaaban, as far as I know, so we must assume that military matters are not on the table.  This is going to be a strictly political tete a tete.  Let’s hope Dr. Shaaban is completely successful.  Let’s also hope that the seditionists are arrested and charged with crimes against the state.  Ziad Abu Fadel.