September 21, 2011 – SECOND POST TODAY – The details are in: Waddah Khanfar, (you are not going to believe his real name),  Jenin-born Palestinian rat-fink and golddigger has quit Al-Jazeera after a Wiki-Leaks scandal-bomb lowered him to the level of NYT reporter and Tony Blair International Liar’s Award nominee Anthony Shadid.  He apparently has been outed as a pusillanimous poop-monger capable of any depraved act that will fill his pocket.  The Syrian state television is having a field day with another yellow tide of opprobrium for that inflated gas-bag Prince Fatso of Gutter.  All the news gleaned from Al-Jazeera in the past is now uniformly viewed as so much pap.  Those demonstrators who used to believe the exagerrated, fabricated and rehashed tales of horror in Syria, now know they were out in the streets for nothing.  This is very deflating. All patriots must joint with us in thanking PRINCE DRUM SON OF DOUBLEDRUM HUSBAND OF MADAME BANANA for hiring this bounder, this grub-eating Palestinian traitor, this umbonocephalic son of inbred human manure.  The hiring of a replacement for Mr. Khanfar from the “royal” family will only reaffirm what we have been saying all along:  DO NOT TRUST MEDIA SOURCES LIKE THE NYT, ALJAZEERA OR EVEN, THE BBC.  Trust only the MERCURY NEWS SERVICE and CANADIAN BROADCASTING.  Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. 

You all must know that the Syrian government has won a victory so great that it should not be repeated again.  The indicia of triumph are everywhere.  First of all, even liars like Anthony Shadid could not dredge up exagerrated stories of “two or three deaths in Homs” today or other tales from the Grimm Brothers.  Allies like Iran are playing reporters for fools by making statements critical of President Assad in order to see the NYT jump like a trained seal to report the earth-shaking event.  President Ahmadinejad, totally aware of his own record in Iran, demonstrates solidarity with world leaders by calling for “reform” in Syria at a time when he knows fully well the unrest in Syria is almost over..  And so, enter one Ali Al-Moussawi of Iraq. I know what is going on.  The United States is hogging the telephone lines trying to get Nouri al-Maliki to condemn President Assad in one last shot at shaking up the government in Damascus.  But Nouri Al-Maliki will not budge. So in order to keep the fleas away from his trash can,  he ordered the man most capable of deflecting the expected calumnies and had him make some idiotic, senseless statement to unknown parties in “an interview”.  The whole thing is made up.  You will see soon enough.  For all jihadists and their sympathisers in Canada, don’t have too many orgiastic tics over this one. It’s all false. Unless you repent, you are doomed.

Today was great in Syria.  To the chagrine of all the miserable Syrian-born Turko-genetic physicians and their ugly wives in the Michigan area, YOU HAVE BEEN DEFEATED!  Secular Syrians have turned your grotesque vision of an asphyxiated society into so much hog leavings, unworthy of the most modest Blutwurst.  Your vicious assault on patriotic secular Sunnis, Christians, Alawis, Druzes, Ismailis, inter alia, has exposed your bigotry for all to see.  If you really represented a majority, why did the Syrian Army remain totally intact?  Why has no Syrian diplomat jumped ship?  Why has lying been your only weapon?  Why are the security services and police all lined up behind the government?  Your deserters are turning themselves in and begging for clemency.  Your demonstrators are bored, reflecting on the virulent lying that led them to support your bankrupt ideologies, whatever they are.

Shame is the name of American foreign policy.  Shame began with lying and suborning lies.  A man in England claims that a lesbian in Damascus contacted him to tell him about her suffering at the hands of government thugs.  Oh, woe!  The BBC picked right up on it with stentorian “insights” into the fate of marginalized Syrian women trying to break with mind-numbing traditions.  THE WHOLE STORY WAS A RED HERRING.  The story was false, but, boy, didn’t they swarm around it.  They expressed no shame and did not ask the public for forgiveness.   

The NYT reported that the Syrian Ambassador to Paris, Lamia Shakkour, christian daughter of retired Syrian Air Force General and war hero Youssef Shakkour, declared her defection to the side of the “PRO-DEMOCRACY ACTIVISTS”.  The only problem with the story, picked up by all the syphlis-bearing yellow journalists, was that the woman who claimed to be Ambassador Shakkour was in fact a misguided Lebanese “patrone” who got paid “three sous” for the whole caper.  Ambassador Shakkour whose refinement could not be impersonated by that swarthy, levantine strumpet, made clear that she was firmly in her position and the ambassador of Syria. 

Thousands of Syrian refugees crowd southern Turkey trying to escape Syrian army rage at something they think they did.  For weeks, Jim Muir of the BBC, constipated Scottish drivel-salesman and self-righteous Episcopalian nabob wannabe, droned incessantly about the “plight” of these wretches struggling despite a zero education to achieve “democracy” in a “pluralistic society devoid of nepotism”.  Oh, spare us the gobbledegook.  What the interpreters weren’t telling poor Jim was that they wanted to get to England and settle around Coventry where Rami Abdelrahman lived – to a country where they could practice their form of intolerant provincial Islam and curse Christians at will.  Can’t do that in Syria.   THE REFUGEES ARE ALMOST ALL BACK TO THEIR HOMES.  They are seen ostracising the provacateurs who egged them on to make their hegira to Turkey.  You don’t hear about this anymore.  Do you know why?  

MAJOR SYRIAN OFFICER DEFECTS TO ANTI-GOVERNMENT SIDE.  Let’s forget that “Colonel” Hussein Hantoush is a “major” or “muqaddam” and not a “`aqeed”,  his entire story told at first to international lying laureate Shadid is totally contradicted later by the story to the BBC.  The BBC reported that he was a “high ranking” or “top Syrian army official”, or some folderol similar to that.  He is and always will be the janitor at his village mosque when he’s not chewing the fat with some villager over a bottle of coke at a gas station.  The BBC has not apologised for this mind-bogglingly atrocious tale of trifles.


I am entreating all Syrians in Canada to recant the wild and wooly tales of travail and toil you unloaded on your helpless and well-meaning aldermen or representatives.  You still have time to repent.  For the day of judgment is near and soon, Syria will begin taking stock of all the events of the last six months.  Make your reflections worthy of the esteem in which you hold Syria and condemn the rabid dogs who tried so hard to injure her.  Ziad Abu Fadel.