October 2, 2011 – FIRST POST – The city of Al-Rastan in central-eastern Syria has been cleared of the salafist infestation made up of army deserters and some imported microbes from neighboring countries.  Most have been killed, according to my brother-in-law, with a small number, maybe 5, being taken prisoner and for questioning before their inevitable descent into the nether regions of the universe.  All the deserters were Sunni muslims with educational levels just barely above “semi-literate”.  They did have in their possession, however, RPG anti-tank missiles and a potpourri of light weapons.  The RPGs were quite useless as they are difficult to fire at moving infantry from elevated locations in apartments.  Syrian Army tanks remained out of reach so that the shoulder-fired bazookas were useful only as evidence of weapons smuggling.  The five surviving traitors were interviewed on television and gave similar narratives of how they were snookered into participating by one agent provacateur.  They were uniformly unenlightened,  low-class simpletons who are living without hope.  It was their choice.

All of this goes back to what I wrote some weeks ago about how the insurrectionists move about.  When they were holed up in the Raml Al-Filastini camp in Latakia, they were notable for their planned escape routes that eventually brought them all to the Tabiyyat neighborhood, an exclusively Sunni quarter with attitudes not very distinguishable from Wahhabists.  There, they found haven for a few hours.  The Syrian security services quickly located them and began a clean-up operation that nabbed the majority with some important commanders escaping.  This has been the problem throughout this unfortunate episode: the high-value criminals being able to slither out through the security net.  But the security agencies also began developing technologies for closing any gaps.  In Al-Rastan, we saw that technology work perfectly.

Syria is now using special forces to infiltrate areas of salafist infestation while surrounding a suspect area with tanks and regular infantry.  Security personnel from the Amn Al-Siyaasi or Al-Amn Al-Dakhili move into the area in civilian clothing to identify target fugitives and sympathisers, then, relay this information to Army Command.  The identification of kinetic targets and their potential collaborationists among the population has been crucial in bringing their numbers to a fraction of what they were during the Latakia incident.  My brother-in-law says that the media is misreporting about army deserters – that their numbers are much smaller than the ridiculous “thousand” or “hundred’s” you hear about in the BBC or, especially, the discredited and humiliated networks, Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiyya.  Notice that few western news sources quote them.

I believe that some insurrectionists have probably been exfiltrated out of Al-Rastan to fight again.  It’s just a hunch.  But note that more and more Syrians are watching Al-Suriyya network than ever before.  The network, state controlled, has been curiously objective in its reportage.  It has been even more effective in taking clips from Al-Jazeera concerning unrest in Syria and proving conclusively that the reports are irrefragably outright lies.  I exposed their lying to the BBC on several occasions but was not taken seriously.
Just yesterday, a medical doctor whom the Al-Jazeera fabricators claimed had been killed by government agents appeared miraculously on television and addressed the vicious provocations of that failed Qatari news service.  It was so embarrassing to watch as you squirmed in delight (a kind of Schadefreude) in your chair thinking about how Al-Jazeera would explain this minor oversight.

I have said this before: The BBC is losing its weight as a news service.  Some weeks ago, I contacted Danielle Sinha by E-mail to give her the names of the most senior and popular members of the Al-Jazeera staff who had jumped ship because of systematic lying.  The names were a virtual star chamber of journalists in the Arab World: Faisal Qassem, Joumana Nammour, Ghassan Bin Jiddo, Jamil Azar and Sami Kuleib.  They have also lost their managing director, Palestinian cockroach and miscreant, Waddah “YAMMA YAMMA” Khanfar.  Oh, the BBC reported about Khanfar but has not mentioned in any report the curious mutiny that has taken place before the eyes of the editorial staff.  By the way, you haven’t lived until you’ve read the Al-Jazeera explanation for Khanfar’s “resignation” after the take-over by PRINCE FATSO’S COUSIN OR SON OR INCESTUOUS-SPAWN, SHEIKH AHMAD BIN JASSEM AL-THANI. 

In a recent report, the eminent scholar of Syrian affairs, Patrick Seale, has referred to Obama’s policies in the region as “reckless” (mutahawwira).  Mr. Seale, who has written an amazingly refined study of the life of late president Hafez Al-Asad,  condemns Obama for selling himself out to neo-conservatives (read “radical jews”) in an effort to stay in office.  Do any of you remember my article a few days ago when I likened Oreo Obama to Dr. Faustus?  Same thing.  Thank you Patrick Seale. your ideas and analyses are always to the point and lucid.  I only wish that Tweedle Cam would read your editorials.  I just wish that Tweedle Cam would go straight to Hell. 

The SyrPer Council for the Monitoring of International Hyperbolic Drivel is close to voting on the winner of the annual FRANCOIS RABELAIS AWARD FOR UNFETTERED EXAGERRATION.  In a short time, all of you will be able to rest knowing that the “cat’s out of the bag” so to speak.  Will it be the SYRIAN OBSERVATORY FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, the one-man/no-sources Coventry-based facade for MI6’s disinformation war on Syria with its fictional director, RAMI ABDEL-RAHMAN, who in a telephone interview (of course) claimed to be a follower of Syrian communist and gadfly, Michel Kilo, who has publicly disavowed any association with the demonstrators in Syria?  Or will it be the NYT’s own ANTHONY SHADEED, Qatari factotum, Saudi boy-whore, Neo-Con self-hating, plague-carrying vermin-nominee for the TONY BLAIR INTERNATIONAL LIAR;S AWARD?  Or maybe, HILLARY FAT-HAMS CLINTON, wife of ACOLYTE OF BEELZEBUB WILLIAM SATYR CLINTON, DARLING OF  CHICAGO’S TUPPERWARE POWER HOUSEWIVES COVEN, and the author of these immortal lines in the history of hyperbole:  “The Syrian government has lost all credibility and legitimacy”; “The Syrian army is awfully close to a major military incident with Turkey”, the “Syrian governmen is killing its own people”, “Ambassador Ford was conducting normal embassy business” and so many other gems of exagerration that no member of the couneil could ignore her.  But, how about NAVI PILLAY, the Chai-wallah director of the U.N.’s Commission for Human Rights with her comment about 2,600 Syrians allegedly having died in the unrest over a period of 6 months?  My god!  2,600!!!  “The situation is dire”, she said in an effort to please her American handlers.  This lying piece of Kali’s droppings is about as reliable as Madame Clinton, but is so much more despicable because she is responsible for all those hundreds of thousands of dying Africans who are truly in need of protection.  But not the South-African born curiosity, Harvard Law School graduate of Hindi-origin who, like Ban Ki Mun, collects her monthly check from the American State Department to insure she remains a good and obedient little WOG.  Ziad Amin Abu Fadel