October 26, 2011 –  Amnesty International has, like Human Rights Watch, a natural tug at the heartstrings. After all, they stand for the rights of accuseds; allay the suffering of political activists; protest unjust judicial proceedings; and so forth.  But they also have cornered the market on stupid declarations.  Take their fatheaded report about Syrian security personnel invading state hospitals to arrest patients suspected of having participated in sedition.  AI also reported that doctors who have set up make-shift clinics at the sight of anti-government demonstrations are short on anesthesia and other medications necessary for the treatment of wanted traitors and provocateurs.

 First of all,  you are not allowed to set up clinics in Syria the way one might roll a cartful of fruit and sell it to the general public.  Medical facilities have to be licensed in Syria befor they can treat patients.  I believe this is true even in the United States and other civilized countries.  That doctors in such ad hoc facilities require anesthetics for their patients is understandable.  But, maybe, treating criminals on the street or in alleyways under such circumstances is not something the Syrian statutory system envisioned. 

Secondly, why wouldn’t Syrian authorities arrest criminals when they find them?  No one asked the jihadist demonstrators to disrupt life in the country with sedition and threats agains the government and president. When they chose the route of criminal behavior, they had to expect the authorities would find them and detain them. Syria’s police can’t simply leave these people at liberty in state hospitals or in some half-baked excuse for a medical facility.  Those doctors who participate in this kind of chicanery can expect to be arrested for practicing medicine without state approval. 

Thirdly, many of these demonstrators are throwing rocks, firing weapons and committing numerous offenses agains the state.  It is obvious to me that when they involve themselves in such crimes, they lost the right to be treated like an ordinary citizen.  If they die during transport, those are the wages of treason. Syria is not in the business of babying murderers or seditionists.   

Fourthly, how does AI really know anything like this is happening.  AI has lost all credibility after the fiasco of Zeinab Al-Husni, the young lady who AI claimed had been kidnapped by Syrian government thugs, raped, tortured and beheaded, all in the light of plain day.  Well, sad to say, for AI and HRW, Zeinab had been hiding from her brothers due to domestic abuse and declared on television, in the full view of her mother, that she was alive and well.  She excoriated Al_Jazeera and AI and HRW for peddling false news about her.  This should have been a lesson for AI.  But they ignored the fact that their news sources are questionnable – or downright dishonest. 


Prince Sultan has been buried.  So what?  Another senescent remnant of the Iron Age has been laid to rest. Unlike the Islamic Messenger of God, Muhammad, who was interred without ceremony,  hoopla or steles, this scatological gorp goes with the blessings of delegations from the world of cupidity – OIL, MA BOY.  That’s what made people attend his funeral.  There could be no other reason.  Syria even sent First Vice President Farouk Al-Shara’a to pay his and the president’s respects.  Oh, please spare me the maturity of it all!  Dr. Assad, the Saudis withdrew their ambassador at a time when they thought it would inspire the enemies of Syria.  Even if the withdrawal of their ambassador improved the air quality in Damascus,  why would you dignify this hyena’s death with even the slightest gesture of bereavement?  We here at SyrPer express our indifference to the passing of “Prince” Sultan and wish him a speedy descent into the nether world where Anthony Shadid, Burhan Ghalioun and Basma Qudmani shall join him soon for tea. 

NAVI PILLAY of the United Nations Commission for Human Rights is America’s chief `Chaiwallah’ and worthy oriental gentlewoman.  After all, she is the first South African woman of Indian descent to graduate from the Harvard Law School.  And doesn’t she appreciate that?  She has now directed her imaginative mind to the death of the KING OF KINGS, BAD BOY OF BENGHAZI, BIPOLAR MUAMMAR OF MISRATA, LEADER OF THE LAND OF THE MASSES, MUAMMAR QADDAFI.   Look people, if you see the photo of Qaddafi in his morbidly relaxed state, you note the big bullet hole in his forehead.  We know the creep who shot him was a 17 year-old barbarian from some tribe in the Sahara.  But since Pillay can’t get any traction out of her preposterous attacks against Syria, she has to find something to do.  As far as we are concerned here at SyrPer,  he was executed.  The Libyan Transtional Council is a shoal of lying dogfish whose pronouncements are no more reliable than those of Qaddafi, Shadid, Tony Blair, G.W.Bush or Amnesty International.  Imagine that Abdel-Jalil spouting such ludicrous excuses.  This shall be the way of Libya for a long time to come.