October 26, 2011 – Amnesty International has come up with some newly-fabricated reports about Syrian security people torturing patients at hospitals.  What hooey – coming especially after AI’s humiliation with the Zeinab Al-Hosni affair when AI reported the girl having been, kidnapped,  tortured and beheaded only to appear later on television to excoriate both AI and Human Rights Watch for their idiotic reports. This organization deserves no support and certainly, no financial support.

MERCURY NEWS SERVICE – October 26, 2011 from Paris, Dulcinea Cristalcrunch reporting.  EERIE SECOND MESSAGE FROM BEYOND TO SYRIAN DISSIDENT LEADERS BURHAN GHALIOUN and BASMA QADMANI.  Say what you will about Ouija Boards, they are very popular here in France with the Surete.  According to Cedric Shellac, head of security for Arrondissement 176, a new message from slain Iranian leader Shapur Bakhtiar and assassinated Baath Party co-founder Salahuddin Bitar was received by both Prof. Ghalioun and Ms. Qadmani inviting them to join the two men for tea in the afterlife. While Prof. Ghalioun (knows as “Le Pipe” by his friends) dismissed the message as the raving of a “sauvage enmerdant”, Inspector Shellac believes there may be another force behind it suggesting the existence of life beyond our own. “All it takes is a bit of courage”, he said, pronouncing the last word the way Clouseau would, “let them have some English cooking and they’ll be en enfer with you know who.”  This story has even been printed in Haiti where Solange L’Effete, the country’s most famous clairvoyant, declared the message “as real as Baron Samedi, like a message from Papa Doc from ze grave”.  The Syrian situation is definitely taking on an occult character with this latest event.  We will keep you informed as to any decision by Prof. Pipe and Madame Qodpiece.