SECOND POST 10-12-1011 – It is obvious that the Brits are so confused these days.  They sent this worthless reporter, Lyse Doucet, to Syria some weeks ago to report on the unrest.  That the Syrian government allowed her in is proof of pure recklessness as the woman was there to merely disparage the Assad administration.  I have contacted the Syrians to give them a “what for” about permitting these kinds of idiots into Syria.  It must not happen again.  Hussein Mortada is the only reporter I trust to give a fair and objective report. 

The BBC no longer permits regular contact with its internet readers.  I think they are just confused with all the contradictory facts they receive and the difficulty they have in absorbing them.  The BBC is still not plumbing the depths of journalistic bottom yet like the NYT.  But, they’re trying to get there.  It is a shame that a once venerable news service has become a tool in the hands of Tweedle Cam and Oreo Obama. 

It’s been a good day for Syria today.  The demonstrators are few in number and have been replaced by even fewer terrorists who are slinking around some cities in civilian clothes.  The Syrian security people are closing in on them and will soon be putting them to the torch.  God, I wish I were there.  The Turks are keeping quiet after Iran sent them some messages concerning economics and even the Turkish High Command is somewhat loathe to involve itself in a losing battle inside Syria.  I hope President Assad institutes no reforms and jails all the miscreants.  But, he’s not like that.  Women are certainly concerned about the rise of islamist in Syria.  They don’t want to go the route of Iraqi women who have now been returned to the 7th century.

Vladimir Putin, my hero, is now in China and conferring with the PRC’s head people ahead of his own re-emergence in the Russian Federation.  I never liked Medvyedev, but he was relatively harmless with his pretense to being modern, western and  liberal and all that silliness.  When Czar Vlad returns, he will find our ports waiting for his fleet.    

I am not happy about Gilad Shalit’s release from captivity in Gaza.  The conditions for his release do not meet SyrPer’s standards of revolutionary zeal.  First of all, one condition should be that he and his family return immediately to Byalistock in Russia or some appropriate place in Poland.  Two, he should pay $10,000.00 to Hamas for the INTENSIVE ARABIC COURSE HE HAS RECEIVED OVER THE LAST FOUR YEARS.  It’s not easy to learn Arabic and the fact that this rube had the chance to attend a deep-immersion course like the one offered by Hamas must bring with it certain charges.  Third, he has not apologized for being captured while firing artillery at innocent Palestinian civilians.  My feeling is that, Hamas should demand compliance with my conditions and give him FIFTY LASHES with a bull’s pizzle.  It’s the least we can do to preserve some measure of self-respect. He looks like such a wimp.  It would be interesting to see if the Stockholm Syndrome will manifest itself.  Will Shalitski praise his Palestinian captors or ridicule them?  Will he make a speech in florid Arabic?  Will he condemn zionism and buy the first ticket to Warsaw?  All these things remain to be seen.  ZAF