October 6, 2011 – The Zeinab Al-Hussni story has the media world abuzz with sarcasm over the miserable mishandling of her story by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.  You see, during the Ramadan holiday, these once-respected sources of information on civil rights, government-sponsored torture, political prisoners and state-abuse of the helpless, reported that a teenager named, Zeinab Al-Hossni, was kidnapped by “Syrian security thugs” who then tortured her and killed her.  They left her body dead with the curious reminder of how vicious they were by beheading the corpse.  All of this was done ostensibly to force her to disclose the whereabouts of her brother who was wanted by the police.  This was so shocking.  Everybody picked up on it, except me, here at SyrPer.  I knew that Syrian security never beheaded anyone.  This is the trademark of Al-Qaida and related takfiri movements.  And what do you know?  She just appeared two days ago on television with proof of her identity.  Her mother has now confirmed that the Zeinab on tv was her daughter.  This was no impostor as suggested by INTERNATIONAL LIARS like Rami Abdel-Rahman, fictional director of a one-man cartoon operation called THE SYRIAN LAVATORY FOR HUMAN RIGHTS. I call upon all my readers to contact both AI and HRW and give them a piece of your mind about them jumping to conclusions just to hurt the Syrian government and people.  Tell them what you think about their preposterous, jerry-rigged medical analyses of photographs taken of cadavers which had been mutilated post mortem.  Tell them that you will never support them financially since they have decided to accept bribe-money from Prince Pudgy of Qatar and other malodorous, dippy despots of the Arabian Peninsula.  Tell them you want condemnation of the exile-criminal gang which brought this travesty to their attention with the attendant opprobrium that AI and HRW must bear. 

At the UN, our delegate Susan Rice, conducted herself like the ghetto-viper she really is.  When the vote was taken concerning an EU resolution condemning Syria and promising “targeted” sanctions,  Russia and China, as permanent members stuffed a “VETO” right in her ear.  Brazil, India, Lebanon and South Africa abstained.  The Europeans, who are becoming increasingly isolated because of their self-righteousness and enslavement to American diplomatic buffonery, should go back and reassess their entire foreign policy.  Ms. Rice should be fired for conduct unbecoming a diplomat. She should never hold a diplomatic post again.

Turkey is conducting military maneuvers close to Syria’s border.  In truth, the maneuvers are being held in Hatay Province, which historically is a part of Syria.  I know that the Syrian 4th Army Group is on alert and that no danger exists today of a war breaking out.  The Turks know that the Syrian army has an arseanl of ground-to-ground missiles capable of reaching Ankara and Istanbul.  The Turks also know Syria has one of the world’s largest depots of chemical weapons which include VTX, Sarin and Mustard gasses.  The Turks also know that Russia has sold and delivered to Syria a vast network of anti-aircraft missiles and launchers considered the most advanced in the world.  The Turkish navy is fully aware that Syria deployes Yakhont and Iranian Silkworm ground-to-sea missiles. The Turks had better know that if they keep pushing their islamist agenda, Syria will arm the PKK with weapons similar to those deployed by Hizbollah.  The Armenians will exploit any advantage on Turkey’s norther border.  The Greeks will finish off the Turks on Cyprus.  Iran, with its massive army, will not sit idly by while these Asiatic Turks sow anarchy in the region.  Iraqis will be there at Syria’s side.  Watch out! Erdoghan.  You discharged all your experienced generals.  Now you’ve got Opie and the Bowery Boys commanding your army.  Beware! Effendi.  Ziad Amin Abu Fadel.