October 19, 2011 – A million man march has filled Saadallah Al-Jaberi Square in Aleppo with throngs praising the president, Dr. Assad, and Russia and China.  The fact that two back-to-back demonstrations have taken place the first in Damascus and the second in Aleppo, is testament to the victory of the government over foreign efforts to unseat it.  Chiefs of Security in the country have clearly given a green light to the popular shows of loyalty to the government now that the salafist and jihadists are being, slowly but surely, eradicated in Homs.  The demonstrations are being covered on all non-Peninsular news channels.  Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiyya will probably try to show it as an anti-Assad gathering.  This will not be easy because the marchers are carrying huge signs with clearly pro-government printing.   Al-Jazeera has lost so much credibility that Syrians in Australia are still trying to get the channel off their satellite service.  We should do the same here.  The BBC, no slouch when it comes to propaganda, has still not mentioned the giant demonstration in Aleppo.  Maybe, it will. 

I have said this before:  Gilad Shalitsky, the twitchy, scrawny, dweebish, zionist soldier captured by Palestinian militia while he was shellacking civilians has been traded for about 1,200 Arab prisoners.  I am opposed to this deal.  First of all, it makes it seem like one zionist murderer is worth that many Arabs.  Two, there was no condition precedent that Shalitsky return to this native Poland along with his settler family.  Three, he should have been forced to pay $10,000 for the deep immersion Arabic course he received during his ten semesters in the clutches of Hamas.  The deal is unfair and I believe it should be rescinded.  

Russia is making an effort to bring the Syrian opposition into talks with the Syrian government.  I believe it is a mistake to have any negotiations with traitors.  Syria should convince the Russians that these individuals were calling for the ouster of the government through violence, a crime in most countries, and that any face-to-face would be a form of forgiveness.  For people like Basma Qudmani, Burhan (The Pipe) Ghalioun and Farid (Zionist) Ghadry, their fate is to wander the earth in exile – never to return or see their homeland again.  For the traitors in the Syrian army, take a lesson from the KGB and stoke up the furnaces. 

Syrian confidence in her success is obvious.  Besides the demonstrations that are now taking place in plain sight with the security people looking on in approbation,  the anti-government gatherings are looking more and more like Tupperware or Potluck parties; a few men and women chewing the fat with their heads turned to see if any “shabbiha” are around.  Shabbiha is a word in Arabic used in Lebanon and Syria to describe “phantoms”.  In actuality, Shabbiha refers to Baath militia who act as support for security personnel.  They are extremely useful as informants, with many of them trained in counter-intelligence.  We at SyrPer thank them for their sacrifices in the protection of Syria’s government and society.

MERCURY NEWS SERVICE ALERT – Iran has asked the U.S. to make a consular visit for Mansoor Arbabsiar, (a/k/a Polumbo).  Theobald Herzbube reporting.  In a bizarre twist consistent with the Hollywoodish tenor of the story,  the Iranian Foreign Ministry has demanded from U.S. authorities access to Mr. Arbabsiar who is accused of having confederated with another Iranian in the Quds Force to assassinate geeky, twerpy, nerdy, gorpy, Saudi ambassador, Adel Jubeir.  The U.S. is puzzled since no diplomatic relations exist between the countries and Iran has no surrogate nation representing its interests.  While the U.S. uses the offices of the Swiss government to protect its few interests there in Iran,  its counterpart has no similar relationship in the U.S. But conflicting news is being disseminated by Reuters and the AI to the effect that Mr. Arbabsiar is demanding Italian intervention.  He has recanted all statements concerning his Iranian origins and has asked to have his mother, Gianfranchia Polumbo-Polumbo, brought in from Sicily.  He has also defied efforts to feed him “halal” food, instead demanding proscuitto ham sandwiches and hot italian sausage on his pizzas.   This is causing a great deal of embarrassment for the government of Silvio Berlusconi which has just barely avoided a no-confidence vote and an even more scatological scandal involving Mr. Berlusconi’s penchant for 14 year-old peasant girls in wet t-shirts.  Italian ambassador to the U.S., Fulgio Tosti-Asti-Nasti, would only state that the Vatican has taken an interest in Mr. Polumbo’s situation fearing his conversion to Shi’i Islam would affect his ability to reconfirm.  It appears the Iranian government is trying to intervene to prevent any apostasy on the part of Mr. Arbabsiar.  A religioius war is apparently imminent.   We will keep you informed.