October 4, 2011 – What opprobrium!  I am leaving for New York City but my friend, who is accompanying me, has booked two nights at a NEWARK HOTEL!  OH, WOE! I don’t have to tell you that Newark, while tolerably close to the Big Apple, is the bursting chancre of the Eastern Seaboard, complete with fresh pus and bleeding fissures.  It is without any redeeming qualities.  My friend, one J. Prosica, Ph.D. and J.D.,  has assured me that the area in which we are staying on Thursday and Friday is “safe and secure” because nearby there is a state penitentiary.  Having self-important turnkeys nearby at a state prison is not my idea of “safety” as they have never been known to dash out to help anyone outside prison walls.  He also admonished me about using “high-falutin'” words in the area because there’s a truck stop a stone’s throw away.  What will he tell me next: there’s a longshoreman convention at the hotel?   I have promised to find other alternatives to the “No Exit” which is the best description I can think of for Newark.  I am pleased that we have added France to our readership today.  I will try to stay on-line while on my jaunt to the East Coast.  I don’t want my readers to suffer any delirium tremens because of my absence.  I will post again today concerning CLOSET SALAFIST TAKFIRI ERDOGHAN AND HIS BAND OF WHIRLING SWISHERS.  Ziad AbuFadel.