SECOND POST – October 10, 2011 – Finally, after victory after victory after victory, Syria’s rotund, double-chinned, avuncular and owlish foreign minister, Walid Mouallem, had something to say about those “goings on” in Europe and elsewhere.  He appropriately dissed the Syrian National Transitional Council, a conglomeration of petty criminals wanted by the Syrian authorities, and gave the governments of Germany and Switzerland a “what for” for allowing some Syrian ex-pat savages to attack Syria’s diplomatic missions in those countries.  He stated to all who would listen that as it was as it was many millenia ago, “an eye for an eye”,  Syria would turn a blind one if angry mobs in Damascus were to set upon the German and Swiss legations in those super-clean neighborhoods in the capital.  Given the Germand and Swiss addiction to neatness,  imagine the sight of their properties trashed by enraged Syrian mobs, what with a thousand half-eaten falafil sandwiches left to rot on the premises with no full-blooded Syrian janitor willing to pick it all up?  Now, wouldn’t that be jolly? 

Because he finally looks angry and willing to duke it out with those obnoxious Europeans,  Mr. Mouallem is Syrian Man of the Year for 2011.  Finally, somebody had the moral fortitude to say something implying what the British call “MIFFEDNESS”.  Well, we’re miffed here at SyrPer and think that he did a dandy job of telling the arrogant Teuts to toot off and the affectless Swiss to piss off. 

BURHAN GHALIOUN, (or Monsieur Le Pipe, ((pronounced Peep in French))), The Pipe) who claims to be the leader of the Transitional Council is a boring little merd of a man who can hardly conceal his glee at being, at once,  a useless vestigial appendage to some college in Paris and, then,  the leader of a thickness of felons now hiding in the sewers of Bucharest who claim to be a government in exile somewhere in Europe. There is prestige in leading the worlds only impotent national movement – especially one so endowed with arrest warrants and legitimate European passports.  They are the new “CONTRAS” of Oreo Obama.  Admittedly, salafist terrorists at heart; but, what the hey? Aren’t they going to be wonderful when they throw the Iranians out of Damascus?  Or so the genii in D.C. think.  They will be lucky to get a plastic tiddlywink in their Cracker Jack Box before their husbands or wives wake up to find the asphyxiated corpse sleeping oh so stubbornly in bed.  There is a fox hunt.afoot and we want to join it.  THANK YOU F.M. MOUALLEM FOR FINALLY SAYING SOMETHING FORCEFUL.  Maybe next week you’ll tell Ambassador Robert Ford, EGON KRENZ MEMORIAL LAUREATE, to “stuff it”!