November 3,  2011 – A demonstration is taking place now in Tartus which I saw on Syrian T.V, Al-Alam and NBN.  There can be no question that the number exceeds 250,000 people.  Speeches were the usual inspiring, nationalist, cadence-filled exhortations with the inevitable arrival at coda when the masses explode in chants praising the government, Russia, China and all those who support Dr. Assad.  It was great to see such a gigantic show of support which now establishes the majority of Syrians clearly on the side of the government.  The BBC, of course, ignores the entire event preferring to save their hyperbolics for miniscule demonstrations in Homs.

And wouldn’t you know it?  Today, the BBC starts its internet news program with something about Syrian tanks firing in Homs.  Needless to say, the tanks were not firing their cannons, but, instead, their machine guns at armed terrorists.  Poor BBC.  So little appreciated.  What are they being paid for this misreporting at the BBC?  Are they in cahoots with the NYT?  In any case, the enemies of Syria are defeated.  It’s now a matter of cleaning up the after-effects of the infestation.

Once again, I call on Syria, to withdraw from the Arab League.  It has never been an effective organ for the Arab cause and it is, today, a tool in the hands of low-grade slugs like Prince Fatso and the rest of his inbred clan of dunderheads.  Of course, the BBC can’t say anything about Prince Drum son of Doubledrum Husband of Madame Banana.  If they did,  the entire British soccer infrastructure would collapse because they managed to sell English dignity to a bunch of lazy, shiftless scoundrels from Arabia. But is the BBC any better?