SECOND POST:  November 21, 2011 – Readers of Yahoo news picked up on this nonsensical revelation today.  It appears that the CIA has disclosed the arrest of a major spy ring operating for the agency in both Lebanon and Iran.  Phew!  What a revelatiion!  The only problem is that Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hizbollah, announced this back in June with no one bothering to comment.  Well, then, why is the CIA commenting about this now?  Is this something that has to do with the super-secret, underhanded, nefarious plot to create a nuclear weapon?  Or, does it have to do with Hizbollah’s policies in Lebanon?  Or, none of the above? 

Robert Baer, former CIA operative in northern Iraq, has made a cottage industry out of inventing high drama from the most mundane events.  He claims that Hizbollah is a “vicious” organization and that he fears that it has executed the spies.  Oh! Dreadful Night!  His only problem as an actor and poseur is that Hizbollah, under Sheikh Nasrallah,  turns over all spies to the Lebanese government.  So far, the government of President Michel Suleiman has executed no one.  The Lebanes are so lazy these days they have no energy to build a gallows.  That’s no problem, outsource the matter to Syria.
Syria is in the process of nailing together a real solid structure for Colonel Fluff of the “free Syrian army” – the army that comes at no cost.  That’s right, the Syrian government would love to handle the hanging of a spy.

To be honest – and let’s be real honest – everybody at the Company in Langley wanted to hang all of Aldrich Ames, Jonathon Pollard and Robert Hanssen. The problem with our legal system here in the USA is that a public trial can reveal state secrets.  To avoid such a scenario, our attorneys general regularly offer life imprisonment without parole to these traitors. 

Aldrich Ames’ treason resulted in the executions of 12 American spies in the USSR. Surprise!

Jonathan Pollard, superspy for the Zionist Abomination, had the defense that he was giving top secret data to an ally.  Mmmm.  Klank! slammed the jail doors for life.  Doesn’t he look Polish?   

This is Robert Hanssen who took from the FBI Counter-Intelligence Office “every secret he could steeeeeyal”!  Looking like everyone’s favorite Kirby Vacuum Salesman and child molester, Mr. Hanssen, nevertheless, will leave his cell in a pine box.  
What does this all tell you?  It tells you that Sheikh Nasrallah can announce he has caught 12 spies for the United States but no one cares unless it’s two days after the Super Bowl. Ho hum.