November 5, 2011 – The BBC and NYT are becoming the new Al-Jazeeras of the western world.  It is laughable how these two once venerable institutions have become mouthpieces for exiled Syrian criminals like Rami Abdel-Rahman, Basma Qadmani, Burhan Ghalioun and other riff-raff from the strange mind of Ahmad Chalabi.  Remember Chalabi?  He was one of those Iraqi expatriates who snookered the U.S. into invading Saddam’s Iraq with attendant human devastation, annihilation of infrastructure, 4,500 American dead with tens of thousands wounded and a degrading withdrawal only to have Iran walk right in as though it was born to the role.  Oh, poor BBC.  Oh, reckless NYT. When will you talk to those who know what is going on?  We expect a Wikileak disclosure soon exposing BBC’s check collection from PRINCE FATSO.  I mean, why else wouldn’t the BBC expose the massive jumping of ship at Al-Jazeera over issues of outright lying and hypocrisy?  You know why.  Half of the soccer teams in England are somehow linked to the smelly Arabian scoundrels.  England has sold its dignity to a raft of smelly desert scorpions. 

Here’s the news from Homs:  22 deserters, all provincials, surrenderd yesterday pursuant to an offer from the government to forgive their treason as long as no blood is on their hands.  The 22 will receive dishonorable discharges and be put on a list at the Political Security Bureau.  No one was killed in Homs yesterday.  This information is straight for Lt. Daher, my brother-in-law who is in touch with officers on the ground  in Homs.
But that doesn’t stop the BBC from reporting that Syrian army tanks fired on Homs.  They make it sound like
tanks cannons were fired at buildings.  In truth, they did admit that machine guns from tanks were fired.  No great shakes.  It is a warning to the wahhabist traitors.

Turkey has now admitted openly that its original assessments were completely wrong.  In article after article,  Turkish commentators have displayed admiration for the Syrian government’s ability to withstand some pressure from the west while evidencing immense popularity as shown by the huge demonstratios in Aleppo, Tartus and Damascus.  There are more coming. Erdoghan no longer barks out his idiotic remonstrations; castigating Dr. Assad for “lying” to him.  The liar is Erdoghan who knew from the outset that the dissident movement was a Muslim Brotherhood invention with wahhabist overtones clearly in violation of Syria’s secularist political posture.  The Turks are not talking about sanctions any more.  If they do, then shame on them because the loser is Turkey. 

I have told you before that the end of the Zionist Abomination is coming near.  Let us all pray for its early end.

MNS EXCLUSIVE:  Fiona Frappe reporting from Kingston, Jamaica.   MERCURY FOUNDATION ANNOUNCES AWARD OF THE JOHN WILKES BOOTH/GUY FOLKES BUNGLER OF THE YEAR MEDAL TO COLONEL RIAD AL’AS’AD.  Despite strong support for “Colonel” Hussein Hantoush whose uncontrolled fibbing to the BBC resulted in his return to Syria and subsequent ‘APOLOGIA PRO VITA SUA” on Syrian television (followed by subsequent command performance before a firing squad),  the Board of Governors of the Syrian Perspective News Syndicate have concluded that Colonel Riad Al-As’ad, whose command over 50 Syrian defectors captured the imagination of his Turkish hosts, deserves the annual gold medal for BUNGLER OF THE YEAR.  President of the Board of Governors Xuan Corona, said: “With the Syrian Army laying waste to the manure-collecting vertebrates making up his preposterous army, Colonel Al-As’ad demonstrated uncanny ability to sink his entire project without hope of recovery.  He is truly “Bungler of the Year”.”

Turkish Refugee Affairs coordinator, Hacen Gulagoghlu,  stated to this reporter in reference to the medal: “We are very happy for Colonel Al-As’ad.  Especially after the Americans and English refuse his request for asylum.”  When Colonel Al-As’ad received formal word from the Americans that his application for a green card was personally rejected by Mrs. Hillary Fathams Clinton herself,  witnesses on the scene described a moment of  meditation followed by a loud “SHHH*&&*(^TTT!”.   Mrs. Clinton reportedly despondent over the successful crackdown in Syria, signed the rejection order and began to scream uncontrollably herself: “I WANT DEATHS.  I WANT MORE DEATHS.”  A surgeon in the outer corridor was able to inject Madame Clinton with a tranquilizer and wiped her mouth clean of the foam that had collected with praeternatual suddenness.   

Winton Bartholemew Angletron of the British Foreign Ministry was also asked by telephone why Her Majesty’s government rejected the request for asylum:  “We here in England have certain military standards borne of centuries of occupying other people, you see.  We don’t much care for deserters.  I think the Colonel would be better off with the French or Italians.” 

The medal is made of 18 carat faux gold with an image of Guy Folkes amid a torrent of flames.  On the other side, is John Wilkes Booth firing a bullet into his own foot.  Congratulations Colonel Al-As’ad.  See you on Gallows Road in Damascus.