November 8, 2011 – It is now almost 2:00 p.m. in Syria and I made a quick call to my brother-in-law who just came back from work in Latakia.  The situation on the coast and in most of Syria is calm and optimistic.
The WAHHABIST SALAFIST TAKFIRI SAUDI AND QATARI SLIME ARE BEING ERADICATED IN HOMS.  According to my brother-in-law, both the Baba Amr and Khaldiyya quarters of Homs are surrounded by soldiers, security men, police and militia in the thousands.  The terrorist Saudi-supported slugs cannot escape by changing into civilian clothing.  They did this successfully in Raml Al-Filastini some months ago – but not today!  THIS IS WHY MUSLIM FUNDAMENTALIST LEADER OF THE SYRIAN EXPATRIATE OPPOSITION, BURHAN LE PIPE GHALIOUN,  IS BEGGING FOR INTERNATIONAL HELP. THE FRENCH HAVE TOLD HIM THAT THE SITUATION IN HOMS IS HOPELESS.  Lt. Antwan says they are ‘picking up prisoners’, some of whom are Wahhabist reservists in the Syrian army, and interrogating them.  Lt. Antwan says they are implicating Turkish and Lebanese agents who are, in turn, working for Saad Hariri (read Saudi Arabia) or American CIA.  I asked him what will be done with the traitors?  He said he didn’t know (with a chuckle).  Once they have confessed to their crimes they will be taken before a military tribunal and condemned to death.  The president might commute their sentences to life in prison as a gesture of beneficence.  We, at SyrPer, oppose any such kindness and demand their execution. 

MUSLIM UNITY CENTER IN BLOOMFIELD HILLS IS NEST OF WAHHABIST VIPERS AND INFIDELS:  If any of my readers want to get a good look at Islam at its most reactionary and violent, go to the MUSLIM UNITY CENTER IN BLOOMFIELD HILLS where a Wahhabist cleric known as Mohamed Almasmari officiates over a flock of Muslim Brotherhood fanatics whose virulent opposition to anything that smacks of securlarism or modernism is viewed as “HARAAAAAM”. This last Saturday, a good friend of ours, Fatina Diab and her son, Amir, went to the “Unity Center” to celebrate the Eid with other fellow co-religionists.  Fatina is from a fine family of Damascus and adopts a form of Islam completely consistent with 21st Century rationalism.  When the ceremonies ended, some of the thug trash young men at the mosque began a mini-demonstration against the Syrian government.  She took a position that such political outbursts at a mosque were contrary to the principles of Islam and were insensitive to the feelings of others who did not share those particular Wahhabist views.  She was surrounded by a pack of vulgar street urchins who regaled her with their thuggish patois of cheap insults and would have injured her but for the intervention of  her son who promptly delivered a sacred blow to the head of one of the assailants stopping the attack in its tracks.  A threat to call the police to complain about a demonstration without a permit also ended the episode. The salafist dogs went back to bark at the moon.  

Anyone who has met a Wahhabist knows they are talking to something just one angstrom above a Gibbon monkey.  That these people choose to humiliate a great religion with views and attitudes so puerile that even hyenas retch at their mention is proof that they are the infidels and unbelievers.  They are the murderers in Homs today.  If there is a blazing Hell, their’s is the most welcoming. I can assure my readers that the Syrian army is sending them one-way to that scorching place as I write this post.