SECOND POST TODAY:  November 7, 2011 – THE ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT OF ZIONIST OCCUPIED PALESTINE WILL USE TACTICAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS TO DESTROY NATANZ REACTOR.  Or so some analysts think.  But, the overwhelming consensus, Russian experts included, is that such a move would be an international catastrophe of the first order.  Let’s analyze why the zionist plan to destroy Iran’s nuclear program is great for Arab nationalists like yours truly and really bad for the END OF DAYS bubbleheads in the U.S.:

1.  The Zionist Atrocity holds to an axiom that “anything that threatens their entity existentially must be destroyed.”  Iran’s bomb threatens their entity.  Therefore, Iran’s program must be destroyed.  End of basic syllogism. 

2.  But here’s the rub.  The Iranians have developed their nuclear program with the inevitability of zionist attack underlined in every security design.  Iran is aware of zionist nuclear capability which is why the most sensitive programs are underground – deep underground with massive reinforced concrete plates capable of absorbing twenty bunker-busting bombs landing sumultaneously.  Add to that, the curiously vexatious geographical locations of the programs – their mobility and cunning.  Many facilities built by Iran are “decoys” designed to confuse an attacking enemy. 

3.  Iran has massive ground-to-ground missile arsenals.  How accurate the Sijjil missile is? I don’t know.  The Iranians seem to be very satisfied with trial runs.  So, that’s a question mark.  But, it’s not an issue when talking about Arabia.  The Arabian oil fields are just across the Persian Gulf, a short distance from mobile and stationary Iranian missile batteries.  American anti-missile missiles will be deployed to stop Iran if it chooses to turn Arabian oil fields into a raging volcano of fire.  But, American anti-missile missiles have not been proven terribly effective, at least, not in the zionist entity.  Some Iranian missiles will make it to their targets with attandant devastation to men, materiel and world oil prices.

4.  Iran has substantial human assets in the Persian Gulf with tens of thousands of Shi’i workers covering the entire oil-producing crescent that is the energy artery of the world.  We already know, that thousands of Shi’is will obey orders to sabotage every moving mechanical part of the entire Arabian petroleum industry, not to mention military installations.

5.  Iran has domestically engineered and built “silkworm” ground-to-sea missiles capable to traveling in excess of 3 mach at sea-surface levels to attack naval and commercial vessels.  Even assuming, arguendo, that American counter-measures are successfully deployed (I don’t believe so),  missiles can attack civilian vessels, stuffing a cork up the oil production spigot or sinking ships at the Straights of Hormuz.  Prices of gasoline go up to $30.00 per gallon in Europe.

6.  Iran unleashes a massive missile attack on the Zionist Abomination with even erratic hits at zionist infrastructure.  But wait, what about Hizbollah?  That largely Shi’i Lebanese militia is no ordinary paramilitary grouping.  In July, 2006, Hizbollah beat the feathers out of the vaunted zionist army, fighting it to a standstill after 31 days of combat.  Hizbollah watched in triumph as the last zionist tank left Lebanon, spare parts, turrets and ordnance left behind as testament to the new technology developed by Iran for use against mobile armor. If Hizbollah opens fire, AND IT WILL, the zionist abomination will not only have to cope with Iran’s angry response, but with a torrent of guided and unguided tactical missiles fired from Hizbollah’s 40,000 plus missile arsenal.

7.  Hamas in the Gaza Strip is an organization whose politics I detest.  It is the Palestinian franchise of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Like it or not, however, they are committed to fighting zionism and will be a part of a military response to the ZA’s attack on Iran.  With zionists running around trying to control damage, Hamas fighters can deploy newly acquired ground-to-ground missiles through Egypt, not to mention commando attacks on zionist settlements. 

8.  Syria is the unknown quantity.  Having to deal with the traitors and seditionists still pathetically trying to bring about reactionary islamist change to the country, the Syrian government may not be in the best mood to involve the country in a theatre conflict.  Yet, the odds are Syria will launch its massive missile arsenal at the Zionist Atrocity and, given the distances for target acquisition, (literally seconds),  huge holes will be cored in the zionist infrastructure.  Syria will, of course, also sustain serious destruction.  The greatest fear is Syria’s immense WMD biological and chemical warfare capacity, deployable on North Korean designed, domestically manufactured missiles, capable of hitting any airfield in Palestine.  This will be the signal moment of the Vanquisher King, Rukneddine Baybars Al-Bunduqdari. 

9.  With the world reeling from economic disaster,  western countries will be impotent to stop the invasion of the zionist atrocity.  Zionists will be crowding at ports to embark on chartered Greek frigates that will ferry them back to Slavonia or Ukraine, or whatever. 

10.  Shi’is in Bahrain will overthrow the useless monarchy of Arabian invertebrates, dungbeetles and pretenders, supplanting it with another Iranian-style theocracy.  Isn’t that just jolly?  And thank you, Zionist Abomination.

I think it’s going to be bad for the west.  Really great for Pan-Arabists or even, Pan Syrianists.  Go for it.