December 3, 2011 – I can report to our readers that the massive Russian aircraft carrier, Kuznetsov, has been spotted by my sources on the coast of Syria outside Tartous.  This is a mementous development in the saga of mini-unrest in Syria with Russia announcing to Turkey and the rest of the world that you had better not mess with the Russian bear.


No doubt the Turks will continue to drop hints that they “may” have to interfere militarily if violence continues, but, in truth, they have no ability to do much of anything since Syria has begun to point their formidable Scud-B’s right at Turkish dams on the Euphrates. And never forget the PKK.
The Georgians messed around with the Russian bear and lost miserably.  The Turks, not known historically for their good sense, probably know from instinct that such a confrontation will not go well for them.


My brother-in-law has confirmed that Russian sailors are in Latakia and that many more are expected in a substantial touristic shot in the arm for the locals.  Believe or not, vodka is the big commodity now in the restaurants and cafes.  I hope they don’t buy Polish vodka (which is good quality) because Warsaw voted against Syria.  Stick to the Russki variety.

The Russian fleet has delivered to Syria scads of new weapons including more advanced Yakhont anti-ship missiles for those French who are still delirious with vainglory after their pathetic victory in Libya.  It is most appropriate to tell them that there is a beach in Latakia named after one of our national heroes, JULES JAMMAL.  We are waiting for the French.  Please come and wrestle with the Bear.

Of even greater significance, it appears Russia has configured some of their satellites to monitor events in Syria, especially the movement of deserters.  This will give our security people enhnced ability to find them and dispatch them to the hellfire being prepared for their blackened souls.


This is the man to watch.  Vladimir Putin, who must receive the Umayyad Medal for his courage and loyalty to his own people and to Syria.  
Syria has announced new laws concerning use of I-Pads.  The significance of this eludes me at this time.  All other methods of communication are permitted.  I will try to find out why this apparatus is verboten today. 

An explosion took place yesterday in Latakia.  The reports I have heard mention no fatalities.  According to my brother-in-law, it was prepared by some knucklehead – probably a Libyan or a Turk.  The degenerates are even deplying IED’s now a’la Iraq.  So far, they have injured no one because the explosives being used are of an inferior variety.  The Syrian security agencies must move quickly to interdict the flow of arms to prevent the arrival of Semtex or any other superior method of killing innocent civilians.

In my next post, I will discuss the vulnerability of Turkey’s dams, all 22 of them, on the Euphrates.
I will also discuss the utility of the PKK whose cadres are champing at the bit to get at Turkey; but who need better weapons.  That’s right.  Shoulder-fired SA9 missiles for those helicopters and bombers.  They also need RPG’s for the tanks and armored personnel carriers.  It’s going to be so jolly!


I will also discuss the American-paid agent, NAVI PILLAY, who has recently been calling for armed intervention in Syria.  This Wog-Hag Chaiwallah, must be arrested pursuant to a warrant issued by the Syrian government.  She must be hanged by wire like the cheap dress she wears, the ugly crone.
Wanted Dead or Alive.  Tomorrow.

Once again, to my readers, Lebanon must cancel all licenses for the following seditionist reporters:

Anthony Shadid and Nada Bakri of the New York Times. Do it now before they inflict any more damage.  Lyse Doucet of the BBC must never set foot in Syria or Lebanon again.  Please tell ‘Ammo As’ad Hardan about this.  And Dr. Assad, please take off the gloves.